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  1. I have a Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister, and I would love to see some Hughes and Kettner model amps on the Helix. Maybe some Coreblade, Triamp, Tubemeister And Yes Some Grandmeister!!!
  2. I have a Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister amp head, and I would love to have some amp models on the Helix

  3. It,s nice to have to the looper, but it is limited to a single recorded loop playback. It would be nice if there was an option after recording a single loop to be able to put a number of loop set for over dubbing that fits in the 1/2 scale or full scale loop playback. I have some tracks that are 6 to 10 bars long with my leads , but i also have fill ins at certain intervals and i and forced to keep recording all these bars, which is good practice lol, but it would be nice to to put in 8 bars and then practice recording over it. Thank You Yours Truly Tinn Mann
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