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  1. Well, the part arrived today. So let's see: 19 days, or 13 business days to receive a part that we paid to ship overnight after being told it was in stock at Line 6. Took 5 minutes to put the power supply in, and the amp is working again. Saved $200 in labor costs, plus the $100 markup on the part from a local authorized service center. Plus, did not have to wait 30 to 60 days.
  2. By removing the SD card, it is a good chance you damaged it. The SD cards Line 6 uses are very cheap and can break very easily inside. I know, been there, done that. In this case, you must buy another SD card. A 4 or 8 gig if you can find one. Make sure the card is in FAT format. Update your amp via USB from a computer not Bluetooth. The Line 6 software will detect you do not have the latest firmware in the amp and install it. You should be fine after that. For the reboot issue, check the wide ribbon cable that goes from the top controls to the main PCB. It tends to get loose. Line 6 put silicone on it to keep it in place, but the silicone is too soft to be of any good. Also, check the connections on the bottom of the main PCB to make sure they are seated in place firmly. No silicone was used there at all and vibration can make them loose.
  3. It is best to sell or trade in your Amplifi product while you can. There is no immediate tech support. More importantly, lack of immediate parts availability when (and it will happen) your amp or pedal stops working. Sending to an authorized repair service out of warranty will cost you a lot of money and a lot of time for something that will fail again. Sending it in under warranty is resolved by replacing a PCB board that is not in stock and that takes a lot of time. As of this writing, up to two months to wait for your unit to return from warranty repair. Ordering parts out of warranty from a local service center results in price gouging and delays. A good concept that was poorly designed and supported. I have owned the Amplifi 150, FX100, my friend has an Amplifi 150, and they all stopped working due to the main PCB, or the power supply.
  4. Well, my buddy who also bought an Amplifi 150 had the power supply go out. I tried to help him by calling Full Compass on August 10th who said they did not have one in stock, they called Line 6, called us back, and said Line 6 would ship the part to Full Compass that day. So on August 10th, we paid for next day shipping to save time. After 7 business days, heard nothing from Full Compass and sent an email. The reply said Line 6 was shipping that day (August 21st). Today is August 28th, nothing. My friend says he will do what I did if the part does not arrive by Friday, August 31st: Throw the amp in the garbage, get a refund paid to Full Compass. Not acceptable to wait that long.
  5. Castellano is a form of Spanish. Support is found here for other countries and languages:
  6. If you cannot connect properly or play music through the amp at all, try this: Double click the HOME button on your apple device (IPhone, IPad, etc). Your open apps should appear. Swipe up from the bottom on the screen. You will see an arrow appear at the bottom. Swipe up on that arrow to get the option to change the Bluetooth audio source from going to your Apple device speakers to the amp. Normally, when you start Bluetooth to to play through the amp, data and audio connects correctly. But if somehow, if you accidentally swiped up on the screen from the bottom, data and audio could disconnect.
  7. After talking with some former Line 6 employees and testers, I am told the staff at Line 6 has been cut down considerably. This explains the lack of proper customer support. They have less than half the staff they had back in the days when Line 6 was stellar in innovation, quality control, and quick to respond to problems for the amateur and professional musician. Time will tell how long the current state of business will go on. For now, it seems the bean counters are in control.
  8. A factory reset should bring back the original factory presets. The original firmware and the 4 factory presets are stored on a IC chip in the unit to be recalled and copied to the SD card if needed. If this does not happen for you, your SD card is corrupted or damaged and data is not copying into it. Easy to replace. It is a 4 Gig micro SD covered with silicone. It sits on the main pcb board located inside the back plate on the amp.
  9. There are some things to know about this series of amps. They have a micro SD card in them to store software and presets. If that card gets corrupted, the amp will not work properly, or at all. You have to think in terms of a computer. If there are any interruptions during the update process, there will be problems. A hard reset will not fix as the operating files got corrupted during the failed update process. Side note: Line 6 put the cheapest SD cards in the amps and the FX pedals, and put silicone over them so you cannot remove and install better quality, longer lasting chips in there. A very poor choice instead of simply putting in a writeable RAM component. Cost cutting... At this point, connect a USb from your computer to the amp and do the update again with the Line 6 PC or Mac update software. If you tried to update via Bluetooth, there is a high probablilty the update failed due to loss of packets during the transfer. Once you try again via USB, you should be fine and have the default presets back. Now when you start the app and it connects to your amp, your other presets should be available. Finally, when you use Bluetooth, your portable device should be fully charged or plugged in so there is a strong transmission to the amp. And remember, Bluetooth is good for about 10 to 20 feet depending on GHZ interferrence around you.
  10. Yep, Line 6 is having issues. I tried calling them today, and they have a recording saying the call volume is too heavy to take anymore calls. No timeframe given to resume answering calls. I have ordered a part from Full Compass 10 days ago who was told by Line 6 it was in stock. Still not shipped to Full Compass, and no word on when it will come in. This is the second time with delivery delays.
  11. After calming down, I must publically apologize to Triyche. I am not making personal attacks on this person or anyone not connected to Line 6. I am simply frustrated with the lack of communication (not just on this forum), but calling them, emailing them, dealing with their vendors and local service centers. I have spent thoussands yearly buying Line 6 products, but no more. All I can say about myself is, I perform with multiple artists and HAVE to reproduce a studio sound anytime I am called to play. Line 6 units (except the amps) have always had better DA outputs than Roland, Boss, or Fractal Audio. There was a time, you could only take an X3 Live to a gig, go direct in the board, and have the sound on stage as created in the studio to the artist's satisfaction. This is what I am known for. The new stuff sounds good, but unreliable. On the road or in the studio, no one has time to hear, "My gear broke down, give me a moment to connect my Boss or AXE Effects unit." Time is money. So, again to Triyche, I apologize. EDIT: I now understand that Line 6 has reduced staff, which impacts customer service response times, shipping times, and time allocated to visit this forum has reduced. Let's hope soon, things change for the better.
  12. Tube amps are nice, but one dimensional. Most are not multi-effects friendly. Do yourself a favor, lose the Amplifi and get something else. Not reliable in the long term, and will not stand up to repeated gig use.
  13. I am not asking for "direct support" in this forum, but calling Line 6 for direct support is simply, "You need to send it in for repair.", which takes weeks to months. Sorry, but as a gigging musician, I do not have the time to wait for shipping, repair, and shipping back. Yes, I have other manufacturer's gear that I use, but lately, I am using them more than Line 6 products that are lately failing apart more than usual. Now, since you are the "Line 6 Expert" , perhaps you can answer the non-op questions, or offer solutions in this forum better than me. People are waiting days or weeks for someone to answwer a question. It is obvious they tried calling Line 6 for answers, otherwise, they would not post on the forum. I am an electrical engineer and can repair gear, but would rather pay to get it done. I am a musican first. If Line 6 can or will not regularly monitor this forum, then drop it. I own(ed) the Helix, X3 Live, HD500X, FX100, Amplifi 150, G30, G50, Spider IV, and V. At various times, they all failed in short time. The latest are the Helix buttons. Totally pissed off that it takes over 2 - 3 weeks to get parts when I live 30 miles away from Line 6 and I have to order from Full Compass in Wisconsin, or deal with local service centers who rip off customers with inflated labor pricing. The system is flawed. Another reason why I am just about done with anything Line 6: I ordered a main pcb board for the FX100 than just died in the middle of a gig. I called Full compass who said Line 6 had it in stock, but would take 2 weeks to ship to me. Not understanding why, I called Line 6 who said they did not have it in stock and it will take them 3 to 4 weeks to get, and then ship to Full Compass. I ordered another device board Line 6 said they had in stock, but Full compass said Line 6 did not have it. Ordered it anyway to be dropped shipped to my home. Received it in 9 days. Did the repair myself. A friend's Amplifi power supply pcb died on a gig. He need that amp repaired quick. I ordered the power supply pcb from Full Compass who said Line 6 had it in stock. Paid for overnight shipping which cost more than the part itself. 8 days later, still waiitng.
  14. Forgot to mention that it is easy to fix the Power Supply issue if the following is observed: Take the back plate off the amp slowly, look for the wires that go from the main amp board (attached to the large heat sinks, 3 wires: black, red, and green). Look where they go to on the Power Supply PCB (5 screws takes the board out). Behind those wires on the main white connector, there are two capacitors side by side. They look the same. If they are brown in color, that is what is blown. This is the same crap that Yamaha uses on their systems. The capacitors are cheap and will fail eventually or sooner depending on voltage fluctuations, heat, and where you use the amp (poor voltage filtering, etc). Rather than sending it to Line6 for repair that takes weeks or months as they say, or send it to an authorized service center that will charge you a lot, take the amp to any good local electronic repair service and tell them what I told you. They should quickly see and repair. Replace with higher quality capacitors with better tolerances. Your other option is to buy a new Power Supply from Full Compass and just swap it out yourself (it's not hard). Have the defective board repaired as a backup. I have been down this road with Yamaha PA systems and amps, Line 6 powered speakers and amps many times. Always the same thing. They cheapen the components to save money. Since they sell thousands of product, they would rather spend 1/10th of a penny than $.50 per critical component to maximize profits. As long as the cheap part works, who cares?
  15. Wow! Pretty sad there is no response to the question from April 22 until now. CaPtAiN_guitar, and anyone else looking at this wondering, there are some things to consider: It seems Line6's philosophy is, most of their buyers want hard rock distorted sounds out of the box. Not true. Every Line 6 amp I had, would have some slight distortion in the sound. It is the Line6 attempt to emulate a tube amp's saturation even at low volume. Very frustrating considering the Amplifis are solid state. The inconvenient truth Line6: SOME OF US WANT A VERY CLEAN AMP SOUND. Even your JC-120 model sounds muddy. A clean slate is what is needed to start. Not a tube emulation. Another manufacturer has modelled solid state amps not sounding brittle in addition to tube emulations. So.... CaPtAiN_guitar, using the app and selecting amp models, take a note of the gain structure. I would use a clean amp to start and then keep the gain low and the main level up to the volume you need. Using the British, or other high gain amps can get somewhat clean, but there will always be a hint of crunch in there especially if you strum hard. In the signal chain, you want everything in front of the solid state amp model. Another thing to consider is your guitar's input into the modelled amp. If your pickups are hot or adjusted too close to the strings, that will overload the preamp of your amplifier. Many people overlook this very important issue. Where is Line6 Tony?
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