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  1. @djib, I had some playback problems on linux using the HX Stomp. When I disable some USB energy savings settings on the BIOS, all the noises went away. Also, are you using the lowlatency kernel? Turning off the wifi also helps.
  2. Hi! Has anyone succesfully run Native on Ubuntu 20.04? I can open the plugin in Reaper and login into my account, but I can not see the controls. Also, I have to skip `wininet` in the winetricks line, otherwise I get a "non implemeted" error when opening the plugin. Thanks!
  3. I can confirm that I can use HX Stomp as an ALSA soundcard on ubuntu 18.04 with Linux kernel 5.3.0. Reaper for Linux works fine with this setup. Pulse audio is unstable and unusable at the moment.
  4. Please, how are you connecting it? I also have a Mooer Expline, but I can not make it work. I tried with a TS cable and a TRS to TS one, no luck. Thanks!
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