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  1. Long story short, called Line 6, told them the situation, they replaced the whole unit. I have a new one and it runs better than the last unit. Pretty happy!
  2. I know this thread is ancient, but did you ever get an answer on your amp? i noticed mine having the same issue, didn't matter if it was biased soft or hard, it sounds muddy and like it's bottoming out. Thanks,
  3. Hey gear heads, I am wondering if i can use 12au7 and 12ay7 pre-amp tubes with my Bogner Alchemist Head? I guess the real question is what other tube options do i have other than 12ax7/ecc83 and 6l6/5881 Much Appreciated.
  4. Trying to find one online seems impossible, is it a part that is manufactured that I can try to replace myself? I mean, it's not crucial to get it fixed, if I can fix it on my own, I will try that out. Is there a specific place I can try to purchase a transformer?
  5. I think the AC Receptacle? That's the one below where you plug in the power cable correct? Cause it's that one. or if you look in the manual, it is number 10, the power cord receptacle.
  6. As far as I know, It should be the stock tubes, I had to get it serviced around this time last year due to it blowing up, the authorized service provider ordered stock tubes for it...Or at least that is what they told me. It gets played maybe once or twice a week for 15-30 min. So the tubes shouldn't be super old.
  7. I have the line 6 dt matching cabinet, and the valve cabinet, dt was 8 ohms, and the valve cabinet was set to 16, so I switched to 16 input on the amp. Hope that makes sense.. Thanks!
  8. So I think I might know what it is, but I accidentally left my amp on when I left my house for vacation, when coming back a week later, the amp wouldn't power on. I found that the tube fuse was just fine, but the main power fuse was blown, so I got a replacement fuse, replaced it, blew again, I have 3 line 6 cabinets, all different speaker configurations, so I tried another cabinet, and the fuse blew again. What I think is, that the transformer is going out, but I see this might be a common thing for this amp? I mean, lets be honest I, ME, MYSELF left the damn amp on for what could have been a week, and it could have blown something. But if someone could point me in the right direction for troubleshooting, or where to buy a replacement and I can just do it myself? Thank you! Hetrickaj
  9. Okay I guess that's where I also get confused, reading both manuals and reading the midi setup is almost like trying to read a different language, and make things worse i learn things way better hands on. For the patch changes and channel changes to occur do they have to have the same cc messages? am I trying to match up the numbers from both charts?
  10. Hi there, hoping to get some answers because i am going crazy trying to figure this out, I would like to try to set up my Boss GT-8 as a Foot controller and effects processor for my Line 6 DT-50. I seem to cannot find any information on how to set it up, and I am brand spanking new at midi to make it worse. I would like to control the amp changes and the effects with a push of a button for example, channel one of gt 8 is lets say clean tones, and channel two on the gt 8 is clean with delay. See where I am getting at? Help please?
  11. I have a Line 6 Pod 2.0 and i am not getting any sound out of it, I am using a 1 spot power adapter with the correct adapter to fit the power slot. I am wondering if that is it? Basically when i have it plugged in and try to play any of the patches there is almost no sound except for a small amount creeping through, almost sounds like a noise suppressor but with the threshold overpowering the signal. List of stuff i have checked, tried different cables for both the output and input tried different guitars with actice and passive pickups tried both outputs (Direct/Amp) made sure the output level and drive were up turned off all effects and ran it straight through have tested on both my home studio, a tube amp and a solid state amp Can't seem to get anything out of this thing, which i do want to demo, weird thing is when i do turn on an effect like the flanger or phaser, i can slightly hear the waves happening..but still a very ultra weak signal Any thoughts?
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