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  1. “jabziz” Auto suggested username. I hate it. I shoulda changed it.... my plan is to ignore my new amp and stick with the helix as i wrap up something im working on. I’ll be paying close attention to my tracks in regards to “does this sound like its being delayed any?” as I record them. It may all be in my head. The comment of “its the transients that make it seem like its ahead of the other” (im paraphrasing) may be exactly whats happening. Anyway, if i still feel something is off, i’ll dig in more. The rest of this is over my head. Thanks again!
  2. I get that. i didn't day 2 ms. There is no daw. there is a guitar split into 2 rigs. One is a peavey 6505 mh and 1x12 cab. The other is a helix lt and powercab 112. playing through both. After adjusting volume to appear the same on both sides. (I know. Not ideal, but ears is what matters right?) I noticed what i would call a delay. that is the only problem im bringing up. Ill try testing the splitter. Though i agree that would be unlikely. Next i’ll strip the helix down to an empty patch then start building. Perhaps there is too much going on and its built up to an audible difference. Whatever ms that is. I am using a 3rd party ir. (I didnt just say a third party ir would cause Xms of delay, im saying ill look at that part of the signal chain as something that may contribute) (Again, im not concerned with numbers. I dont own anything that measures in ms. Ive offered zero measurements) if nothing changes there ill bring my old gt-100 up from the basement and see what happens with it. Do i hear something similar. if at the end of those comparisons i feel there is something that needs addressed, i’ll hit up support. No worries there. Thanks again for the feedback and tips. ill get to the bottom of it
  3. I never noticed it before doing the amp plus modeler combo. Id never tried that before. I have done 2 amps without issue. To answer a question further down. The box is a morley george lynch tripler. Perhaps its slower to some outputs. Ill try swapping them. Its 1/4” out to the helix and amp. Amp to cab. No pedals. Helix to powercab plus. 2 ms. This was someone elses number. I believe they were saying that an expected 2 ms of delay would occur in a modeler due to conversion but nobody would be able to tell. I never suggested a number. I havent measured beyond “hey i can hear something...”
  4. “Raise a ticket with Customer Support and have it checked out.“ If these other things to check out don't solve it, I certainly will. If anyone else is trying to help, keep in mind I’m not saying i can hear a 2ms delay. I’m saying that i can split my guitar, go into 2 rigs, and to my ears the sound is coming out at different times. Based on what some of you are saying this must be a delay of more than 2ms. That being said, it sounds like that isn’t normal. I’m taking from these posts that normal latency of a device like this vs an amp shouldn't be audible. I’m fine with that. I prefer it actually. Between my investments in the LT and Powercab Plus, i’d like it to work out. :) someone pointed out that this wasnt a problem until recently. It wasnt until recently that i had another example playing at the same time. This may have been an issue all along. Ill also be the first to say the band i was in probably wasnt tight enough to point it out. :)
  5. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you. i’m wondering if there is something else going on. If 2ms is imperceptible then perhaps what i’m hearing is more than 2%. Im monitoring the helix through a line 6 powercab. Somebody i mentioned this to said xlr is known to have latency vs 1/4”. I hadnt heard of that. So i guess ill try that too but i have my doubts. And ill try the recommendation of replacing the dry with the mic’d amp in my previous experiment and see how that goes. My concern with this isn't recording. For what its worth I don't want this to be happening. This doesn't benefit me in anyway that i can think of. Ive been playing through the helix for a while now. Ive used it live. Prior to that i used the boss gt-100. With a traditional half stack (4 cable method) live and then eventually just direct. I never noticed anything like this before. The ad/da conversion affecting time and all that is understandable. I have some audio in my background. Math says it’ll be a bit behind. If i hadn't heard anything i wouldn't have gone looking. Something else i thought of trying is a test where i play along with something and track my guitar a handful of takes with a mic’d amp. And then a second batch of takes with the output on the powercab or helix. Or mic’d powercab And then see how those sound. Do i hear any delay. Worth a shot. Then again perhaps when i plug in next i wont hear a difference. Thanks again for the ideas and explanations.
  6. I wish i hadn’t noticed.
  7. If i were recording i could go direct and use helix native. Or reamp via helix. I’m with you. Because id have a non-delayed signal. but what if i were playing live? And the other guitarist is using a mic’d amp. The helix player would need to play “sooner” than the mic’d amp player, to be sync’d up. Correct?
  8. I also an experiencing a latency anomaly. I run my guitar into a 1 in 2 outs box. I use 1 of the outs to go to input a on my interface. I use the other to go to the helix. I go out of the helix to input b on my interface. i create 2 tracks in my daw. Set the input on track 1 to interface input a (dry). Set the input on track 2 to interface input b (wet via helix). I hit record. I play a bit. Leaving gaps in between samples of playing. I hit stop. I zoom in on the waveforms. The one coming from the helix is starting further down the timeline than the dry one. Which i guess means The helix is slowing down my signal. I tried this because i was trying a new amp out and when running into both simultaneously it sounded like i was hearing the amp first. Then the helix. this experiment feels like it confirms this.
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