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  1. If it's not your job to "help you do anything" why don't you just shut up then and leave room for people who try to help and provide support !
  2. I fully agree ! You are 100 % right ! It's a small effort for Line 6 to get Gearbox working again. We don't ask for additional features but only a small driver update that could be fixed in minutes.
  3. It's an absolute shame that Line6 is not updating Gearbox. In this way making very expensive gear totally useless : how to backup, restore or add new sounds ? The idea behind the POD's was to be able to steer away from the factory presets and create your own or use presets that someone else created. Without Gearbox this is not possible anymore. I own a (very expensive) POD X3 Pro with an also expensive FBV floorboard and a POD X3 to use my sounds in a live setup. All this hardware is destined for the waste bin, not to mention the lost hours of tweaking and experimenting. Even worse : it will be impossible to sell my Line 6 equipment because everybody knows that it has become useless gear. Next time I'll turn my head to other companies when considering new hardware. Does Line 6 sometimes wonder how companies like Fractal Audio Systems have become so popular in such a short time ? I know the reason ! No regards.
  4. Hey Line6, we have been waiting almost a month now to get the POD X3 working with Yosemite ! When will you start taking your customers comments seriously ??!!
  5. Same issues on a MacBookPro 2009 and a MacBookPro 2012 with Yosemite, POD X3 Pro and POD X3. @Line6 : after updating and correcting the USB issues, please get us an update for Gearbox. A POD X3 or Pro is pretty useless without software like Gearbox !
  6. The trick to solve the problem is easy : Uninstall the driver version 7.3.6 with the utility found in the Line 6 folder : Line 6 Driver Uninstaller Reinstall the driver version 7.2.9. This solves the problem. This older driver can be found on he Line 6 website. Why doesn't Line 6 work on an update of driver version 7.3.6. It's a shame.
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