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  1. Ok, completely uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, swapped out the USB cable and now its working. The utility didn't even ask me to put it in update mode it just updated it. Working great now. Had I troubleshot this in stages I could have identified the specific problem, but I believe it was the USB cable- I don't think the reboot made a difference. The cable I tried first had two chokes on it like in this pic: The second I tested didn't have any ferrite chokes like that and it just worked: Just to be clear I'm not entirely sure the cable I first tried itself was not bad- I didn't test it with another device to confirm.
  2. I held the tone and tap buttons when powering up, but the utility still cannot connect to it.
  3. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but got the same error. Here is the output of the installation of the utility: Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility Extract: AMPLIFi Utility.exe... 100% Extract: LICENSE-lgpl3.txt... 100% Extract: LICENSE.LGPL... 100% Extract: Qt5Core.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5Gui.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5Multimedia.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5MultimediaWidgets.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5Network.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5OpenGL.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5Positioning.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5PrintSupport.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5Qml.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5Quick.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5Sensors.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5Sql.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5WebKit.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5WebKitWidgets.dll... 100% Extract: Qt5Widgets.dll... 100% Extract: QtWebProcess.exe... 100% Extract: USBUpdater.exe... 100% Extract: Uninstall.exe... 100% Extract: d3dcompiler_47.dll... 100% Extract: icudt52.dll... 100% Extract: icuin52.dll... 100% Extract: icuuc52.dll... 100% Extract: libEGL.dll... 100% Extract: libGLESv2.dll... 100% Extract: libusbK.dll... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\L6QmlControls Extract: l6qmlcontrols.dll... 100% Extract: qmldir... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\QtQuick Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\QtQuick\Controls Extract: qmldir... 100% Extract: qtquickcontrolsplugin.dll... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\QtQuick\Dialogs Extract: dialogplugin.dll... 100% Extract: qmldir... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\QtQuick\Layouts Extract: qmldir... 100% Extract: qquicklayoutsplugin.dll... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\QtQuick\Window.2 Extract: qmldir... 100% Extract: windowplugin.dll... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\QtQuick.2 Extract: qmldir... 100% Extract: qtquick2plugin.dll... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\QtWebKit Extract: qmldir... 100% Extract: qmlwebkitplugin.dll... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\QtWebKit\experimental Extract: qmldir... 100% Extract: qmlwebkitexperimentalplugin.dll... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility\platforms Extract: qwindows.dll... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility Extract: qwindows.dll... 100% Extract: msvcp120.dll... 100% Extract: msvcr120.dll... 100% Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility Create folder: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Line 6\AMPLIFi Utility Create shortcut: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Line 6\AMPLIFi Utility\AMPLIFi Utility.lnk Create shortcut: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Line 6\AMPLIFi Utility\Uninstall.lnk Running INSTALL_DRV2 Output folder: C:\Users\Meeee\AppData\Local\Temp ----------Installing Amplifi Drivers.---------- Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\Tools\Driver2 Archive\Amplifi Extract: InterposerAmplifiBackEnd.dll... 100% Extract: InterposerAmplifiBackEnd64.dll... 100% Extract: L6AmplifiAsio_OnInterposer.dll... 100% Extract: L6AmplifiAsio_OnInterposer_x64.dll... 100% Extract: L6ConfigAmplifi.xml... 100% Extract: l6AmplifiNA.inf... 100% Extract: 100% Extract: 100% Extract: WdfCoInstaller01009.dll... 100% Extract: l6Amplifi.sys... 100% Extract: l6Amplifi_AvsFilter.sys... 100% Extract: L6Driver2AmplifiControlPanel.cpl... 100% PLUGINSDIR : C:\Users\Meeee\AppData\Local\Temp\nsi6423.tmp Execute: "C:\Users\Meeee\AppData\Local\Temp\nsi6423.tmp\DPInst.exe" /PATH "C:\Program Files\Line6\Tools\Driver2 Archive\Amplifi" /C /SW /SA ----------Finished installing Amplifi Drivers.---------- Writing HKLM\Software\Line 6\Current Driver Versions\Amplifi DRV_VERSION : 1.53 Writing HKLM\Software\Line 6\Driver Install Paths\Amplifi\Install_Dir INSTDIR : C:\Program Files\Line6 Output folder: C:\Users\Meeee\AppData\Local\Temp Running INSTALL_INTERPOSER_LIB Create folder: C:\ProgramData\Line 6\Interposer Installer Interposer version 22282240, existing Interposer version 23396352 Bypassing installation of Interposer. A newer version already exists on the machine. Output folder: C:\Program Files\Line6\Tools\Driver2 Archive\Amplifi Extract: Line 6 Driver2 AMPLIFi v1.53 Uninstaller.exe... 100% Writing HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Line 6 Driver2 Amplifi Uninstaller Completed
  4. I searched C:\Program Files\Line6\AMPLIFi Utility for any .inf or .sys files and didn't find any. Where does the installer actually put the damn USB driver?
  5. Trying to use the PC utility to update the firmware, but Windows can't find a suitable driver. I'm running Win 7 SP2 x86. Look at the attached picture for the errors I'm getting. Where is the actual driver? I can try to point it to the actual driver in device manager, but I don't know where it would be.
  6. Ok! The issue was that I just didn't log in. I created a new Line 6 account, logged in and was immediately able to access the mp3s on my phone.
  7. Just bought a Amplifi TT and I've been asking a bunch of question on this forum while I'm all antsy waiting for it to arrive. Could I use the "AMP Out" port on this thing to plug it into a physical guitar pedal and then go from that into a physical speaker cabinet? I was thinking about doing this with my volume pedal to simulate having it be the last item on a pedal board instead of the first.
  8. After I figured out how to access the music on my phone (I asked a question about this which is currently awaiting moderation that can be deleted) I'm curious what kind of playback options are available (if any). Sometimes when trying to transcribe a song by ear I'll have to play a specific part over and over again till I figure out the right notes. Is there a way in the AMPLIFi remote to set a marker to loop a specific part of the song? Currently I have an audio interface plugged into my PC and I use ableton to loop parts of the song then play over it with my guitar. I would be neat if I could loop specific pieces of the song right in the AMPLIFi remote itself to take my DAW completely out of the equation.
  9. So I just order the TT model. I'm playing with the amp while waiting for it to arrive and I don't understand how to access my music library. You can see in the screenshot "Music Library" is grey out. Is that just because I haven't pair it with the device? Looking at the ads it said I could just stream whatever songs I had on my android device. I have a folder on my phone with all my music (don't use itunes). How can I point it to that folder for my music library?
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