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  1. OK, here's another question: how do I change the settings so that the snapshots stay on the screen as options each time I choose one when I'm on a preset?
  2. I'm not seeing "destination" on the bottom of the screen anywhere. I've got rename setlist, then a series of numbers and letters, then reorder prest, then prename preset, snapshot 1/select snapshot, rename snapshot. What am I missing?
  3. Hey all --- Just got the Helix yesterday and am upgrading from a Pod 2.0 that I've been using for over a decade. I'm trying to figure out what I think is a very basic question: can I move a preset from one setlist to another? For instance, the band I'm in plays Say It Ain't So: can I move the Say It Isn't So preset over to User Setlist 1 in the hopes that in the future that setlist will hold all of the songs my band plays as presets? It seems like this should be easy to do but I can't figure out how the hell to do it. Also in general: right now I'm overwhelmed by choice; I'm upgrading to have a wealth of choices but also don't know where to start. Any advice, I'll take. Thanks! J
  4. Thanks, yeah I use that socket for my foot controller. Similarly, for clean tone -- I can't find an amp tone that cuts through level wise, and when I turn up the gain, even on the "clean" sounds, they come out dirty. I'm starting to wonder if my issue is that all my channel volumes are too low, but if anyone else has this issue and has advice, would love to hear it. I've been thinking about getting standalone pedals and switching over but I feel like my POD SHOULD be able to handle something like this. Alternately, another question I've had forever (I've literally just found this board) is -- is there a way using the foot pedal to bypass the pod entirely?
  5. Hey there -- I've been using the POD for a long time for live sound and have had a hard time finding a good, crisp clean tone. A friend suggested I download tones from the website. I bought a MIDI -> USB cable and plugged it in, used monkey, downloaded the software... and now it's not recognizing that the POD is plugged in. Any steps I'm missing? Do I also need to plug in the ethernet cable? Set the pod to midi? Do I need a second cable? This is the cable I bought: http://www.ebay.com/itm/360671860164 I definitely need this explained like I'm 5. Thanks! Jeff
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