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  1. I have noticed that , at least on my Helix LT, if you set a button color in the Command Center, it is overridden by the Snapshot color selected even if you have the snapshot button color set to Auto. So, for instance, if you set the button color to pink in the Command Center but the button color is set to Auto in the Snapshot, the color will be red (the default color for a snapshot).
  2. It also depends on if you need multiple processors that are mutually exclusive on the amp. For instance, on my 75 I like to have distortion and compression on at the same time but only one or the other is allowed. So, I run the compression on the amp and use a Tube Screamer for distortion. Keep your amp fairly clean and add the other effects you need like trem or chorus..
  3. Same thing here. I've had my MKII connected several times to my PC and no problems. Today, the MKII goes dead and there is no recovery. Submitted ticket to Line 6 but do not expect a resolution. I will be switching to another company as soon as I can sell my Line 6 amp.
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