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  1. I do use the app for downloading and editing presets. I have not created any of my own. So there is nowhere to save what I have?
  2. Used the Spider 120 for the first time with the band. Some how I managed to delete the very first preset fumbling with the foot switches. So before this happens again, where do you store backups? Thanks Dan
  3. Thanks, that does work. Usually 1 move and I lose my connection or get an error 28. Just start the app again and preset moved. Once in awhile it will let me make a couple of short moves, still better than anything else. Thanks
  4. So I have got a bunch of presets I like but they are all over the place. I would like to get them all together starting with 1A. Any way of swapping presets like making preset 21A now 1A, and 1A now 21A? I don't necessarily want to over write things. I have made a list of presets I will never use, so I could start over writing that way, but it would take all day. Thanks Dan
  5. Actually found I had 1 bad cable, and it helped a lot to turn the noise gate on. Thanks
  6. Just had a Spider 5 120 delivered. Only had about 5 to play with it. I plugged the 2 XLR outputs to my PA. The buzzing was extremely loud. I tried plugging the XLR's to a DI box first, but that didn't solve it. I tried the ground lift switch also. Didn't change a thing. Anyone have any idea why this is buzzing so loud? I have plugged many different multi effects in this way without issue. Dan
  7. How did you set this up? I have a Boss FS6 pedal that is capable of turning things on and off. Don't have a spare expression pedal.
  8. Currently I am using Foot switch 4 to turn on the Effects Loop which I use as a lead boost. Unfortunately, I occasionally step on the patch 4 switch by accident. Is it possible to hook up an external pedal to perform this function? Thanks
  9. These all work. Thanks
  10. Trying to make a patch for Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name. The lead guitar is playing 1 octave higher. The smart harmony only lets you go to plus 9 in a specific key. Just looking to double the lower part, 1 octave higher. How can I do this?
  11. ddufour

    Clean to Dirty

    Using the Pod HD 500X, is there a way to go from a clean amp to a distorted amp using the expression pedal? Can you also do the transition so it is not abrupt as you go from heel down to toe down? I thought there was a patch I downloaded a long time ago but I have searched for hours looking and can't find it. Not positive it was even this pedal. Thanks Dan
  12. ddufour

    HD Model Pack ?

    So it downloads from Line6 to my computer? When I added the multiple add on's to my cart, I got a message saying I need to spend another $49 to get free shipping.
  13. ddufour

    HD Model Pack ?

    Is this a product you buy, download, then upload it to the 500X, or is it software that comes in the mail? I am just looking to put it on the 500X. What will I need to do after purchasing? Thanks Dan
  14. Logarithmic was the fix. I don't know why some were set to linear, don't even know the difference between the 2 but it worked! Thanks
  15. No, no bright lights. Only 1 100 watt bulb in a 20 x 20 foot room with probably a 16 foot high ceiling. The place could really use some lights. :-)
  16. At work now so I can't see the Helix but I always put the volume 1st in the chain. I know it reads 0% at heel position and 100% at toe. This morning when I plugged it back in at home, the pedal seemed to be working correctly, but last night it was very sensitive, almost useless. Did my unplugging it and plugging it back in make it calibrate itself?
  17. So last night was the first night using the Helix with the band. One big thing I noticed was the volume pedal would go to zero with the heel down, but as soon as I started to go towards toe down, the volume was at full volume, so it was either all the way off or all the way on. Figured it might need calibrating but I see it calibrates itself. How do I get around this?
  18. The problem is I don't know how to do that. I have learned a lot in the 10 days I have had this pedal, but still learning on a lot of other things.
  19. The 2 Tone patch was not quite what I was looking for. I need to go from clean to dirty gradually, that is why I believe you have to use the expression pedal. I tried the 2 Tone patch but that switched amps with a footswitch which was an instant change. I also tried using a distorted amp and turning the gain way down to make it sound clean, then used the expression pedal to increase the distortion, but with the gain down, I also lost a lot of volume. I would like to actually use a clean amp and a high gain amp, and have the expression pedal gradually transition the 2 amps until my toe is all the way down.
  20. ddufour

    Using Helix Live

    I have not tested the Helix with the band yet, but I used to use the Boss GT100 left outlet plugged directly to the PA. Could never hear myself like that, so I bought a small Behringer 150 watt monitor that sits on a microphone stand, plugged the right outlet of the GT100 to it, and had it right in my face and I controlled that volume. Way more volume that you would ever need. I am sure I will have to do the same with the Helix. Us guitarist never hear ourselves.
  21. Thanks, I will try that tonight. I have never looked in there. Dan
  22. I got the expression pedal to go from almost no gain on the amp to a lot of gain on the amp, but that's not quite what I am looking for. I guess I am looking for a clean amp with heel down, and crossover to a distorted amp with toe down. I don't really no how to set up 2 different chains yet. Pretty new at this. The song I am trying to do this for is Whitesnake's Love Ain't No Stranger. We used to have 2 guitar players and the other one played the clean part. Now it's just me doing both.
  23. Thanks, I will check out this weekend
  24. Has anyone made a patch yet that would switch from a clean amp to a dirty amp by using the expression pedal, and willing to share that patch? When I had an HD500, I had downloaded someones patch that did this, couldn't figure out how they did it' but with the heel down, it was a clean amp, and as you went towards toe down, the dirty amp would start kicking in. It was a seamless change. Worked great for the song Kryptonite. Thanks Dan
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