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  1. Hi, Is it possible to use the pod expression pedal to control the wah or whammy pedal in the Buas fx app. Im new to midi so just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who used bias fx with their pod. Thanks
  2. Thanks jvrock84, just a question regarding stereo effects (eg. ping pong delay). Did you have to connect your Pod HD500x to the iRig using a Y cable in order to achieve stereo effects on your DAW in your ipad.
  3. Thanks Atrain_dip, ive done a bit of research & i think the irig pro fits my needs. Question: Your Apogee Jam only has 1 jack input. Do you have to use a Y cable from your pod Left & Right outputs to the Apogee to get stereo effects (ie ping pong delay).
  4. Hi, I want to use my HD500x to record in the Garageband App on my ipad. I want to use the tones in my HD500x to record, I don't want to use the Mobile POD App. What should I use to connect my HD500x to the ipad. Thanks Rob
  5. Thanks for your reply Peter. Before my original post I had watched all your videos & found them very useful. I had used your video (part 6) as a reference for what tone I wanted to achieve from my amp. I couldn't achieve the same tone as your by using your set up with my amp. I spent the last few nights messing around with different settings & found that I get the tone from amp by using: 4 Cable Method Mode - Stack Power Amp 1/4 Out - Line Stomp/Line - Set to Stomp I use a loop insert my amp's preamp & then use the full amp models from the POD in front of the Loop. I know its preamp on preamp but to me it sounds the best. This was done a a low enough volume, I presume I'll have to do more tweeking in order for the amp to sound the way I want at high volume. Cheers
  6. Does anyone else use a POD HD500X with a Marshall DFX250. Im looking to hear from users who have achieved a great tone by using this amp or similar Solid State Marshall Amps. What way they connect the pod to their amp (front end, Returns, 4CM), output mode they use, 1/4 out setting, Stomp or Line Setting, Mixer Setting, I've tried different ways of connecting the pod to the amp & using different settings on the pod, but I'm not convinced I've found the best sounding set up option yet. Using the 4 Cable Method, I was thinking of using the pod amp models in the same way you'd use a Wampler Ace Thirty or similar amp modeling pedals (into a clean amp). I know this is preamp into preamp, but surley you can view the amp models on the pod as pedals. I find that using the Pod Preamp Models (ie. Plexi PRE) don't have the same drive or character as the full amp models on the Pod. Any tips would be great. Cheers
  7. Pod hd500x into yamaha aw16g: Does anyone use the yamaha aw16g to record their music. What way do you get the best out of the pod: 1. Pod into yamaha direct via xlr cable 2. Pod into yamaha direct via 1/4 cable 3. Pod into amp, amp mic'd into yamaha. I did a quick recording today, pod into yamaha direct via xlr, I thought this way would give me the best sound from the pod I wasn't overly impressed. Any tips folks. Cheers
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