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  1. Hello @Javon7065; Have you solve this already? Try Cubasis LE 3 app (Free) and connect your drum output in the SonicPort VX "AUX" input. Just remember: Connecting a cable to the AUX input deactivates all other inputs. zL
  2. Hello everyone; I love the "Sonic Port VX" and it's my device of choice to record ideas alone and with friends, but if there is a posibility to buff the device I would like to do it... Specially the microphones. So, here are my questions: I have the "Shure MV88" and love the microphone sound from it. 1.- Can I replace the microphone capsules from my "Sonic Port VX" with the ones on the "Shure MV88"? 2.- Is this technically possible? I would just connect the positive and negative cables to the capsules. Thanks in advance for your time and help! zL
  3. It’s poetic how the 5th page started with the good news thanks to @Zooforce. Now we just need to wait another month maybe, but I’m ok with that, knowing that is fixed.
  4. Hello; A few days ago iOS 13.4 (beta) was released. Can someone test the Sonic Port / VX? especially someone fromLine 6... This update should include the fix. @Line6Tony @phil_m It's a good time for you as a company to tell apple to include the fix in case that the problem persists in the 13.4 (beta). Thanks in advance!
  5. Today Apple released iOS / iPadOS 13.3.1 to the public and guess what... Yep, nothing yet. As Line6Tony said on the last update: "Update 12/20/19: We’ve tested the latest iOS 13.3.1 beta release and the problem with Sonic Port and Sonic Port VX persists. However, Apple is making significant progress to resolve this issue in an upcoming iOS 13 update." This means the beta wasn't modified for Line 6 yet, let's hope (again) we got our devices working on the next iOS update (As the message above says), 13.3.2 maybe?...
  6. There is another interface that I want to try, the "IK Multimedia iRig PRO DUO": https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0148JMEEI/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_070iEb79G30VD Right now I´m using the "Focusrite Scarlett Solo", the one that I use on my Mac. Working great on iOS but nos as portable as I would like: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QR6Z1JB/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_370iEbAP6WANE I also would like to hear some suggestions, in case that the SonicPort & VX is dead...
  7. I'm agree with you on "Apple just cut off the support for this Line 6 something-to-lightning cable" but I have faith that will be fixed eventually. I think they reduced the power given to an external device connected to the iDevide on iOS 13, sure this can be fixed through a software update (from apple), if you connect the Sonic Port to the iDevice using the lightning cable you can see the hardware details, apple could make an exception to this device (related to the power needs). Line 6 official response is here: Let's wait the next iOS 13 update and hope apple has addressed this. I have seen that this isn't the first time the Sonic Port has suffered from this. You can see on this forum, post from several year ago, similar to this related to a major iOS update, and then got fixed, I thing we are in the same situation. Sonic Port (and VX) is a good product (I like it) but this is an inconvenience that hope be the last...
  8. Nice, it´s cheapper than the original Apple AV Adapter, but with this method you still have a problem. The Mobile Pod app didn´t don´t recognize the Sonic Port VX to unlock everything... We need the update to use the full potential of the product (Full price for a full potential, that´s fair).
  9. Line 6 says Apple is working on it, I'm waiting for a new iOS version to be able to use this expensive (and "good") product again (It is good but this current problem...). Let's hope the new iOS have the fix, because there has been several iOS updates since September and nothing...
  10. Hello guys: Does anyone knows what's the current firmware version of the SonicPort VX? mine is "v1.0.11". The device doesn't appear on the "Line 6 Updater v1.18 Installer" and can't update (If required) via POD Mobile app because of the problem described on this thread... Right now Im using it via Apple USB Adapter but is an inconvenience... Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks ADBrown, sadly the "Tube instrument preamp" is not enough to get the sound I previously got with the preamps included before on the POD X3 Live... I think I will have to make those sound in another way, like a Lo-Fi (For an intro riff for example), it was very simple to achieve with the "Lo-Fi" preamp, or the "console" preamp to help with some sound tweak at the end of the chain... Not a big problem tho, just needed for a few patches.
  12. Hello everyone; I was converting my favorite tones from my POD X3 Live to AMPLIFi FX100 tones and everything has working great, but with a few tones I have used preamps and can't find them on the AMPLIFi App. Are the preamps included? (American Classic, Console, Lo-Fi, Modern, Vintage & Vintage UK). Is there an alternative for the preamps in this new gen? (In case the preamps are not part of AMPLIFi FX100 software). That's all. I'm very happy with my pedal and I really feels the upgrade in a very minimalistic way. Thanks in advance for your time.
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