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  1. zADAN

    Preamps... Where are they?

    Thanks ADBrown, sadly the "Tube instrument preamp" is not enough to get the sound I previously got with the preamps included before on the POD X3 Live... I think I will have to make those sound in another way, like a Lo-Fi (For an intro riff for example), it was very simple to achieve with the "Lo-Fi" preamp, or the "console" preamp to help with some sound tweak at the end of the chain... Not a big problem tho, just needed for a few patches.
  2. Hello everyone; I was converting my favorite tones from my POD X3 Live to AMPLIFi FX100 tones and everything has working great, but with a few tones I have used preamps and can't find them on the AMPLIFi App. Are the preamps included? (American Classic, Console, Lo-Fi, Modern, Vintage & Vintage UK). Is there an alternative for the preamps in this new gen? (In case the preamps are not part of AMPLIFi FX100 software). That's all. I'm very happy with my pedal and I really feels the upgrade in a very minimalistic way. Thanks in advance for your time.