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  1. Hello folks, since MIDI Ox still does not run under Windows 10 I don't have any idea how to backup (and restore) my M13-scenes. Is there any easy to handle software (I don't have an knowledge about MIDI at all) on the market which can do the job? And which MIDI-USB interface would you recommend if you only need it for backups and restores once in a while? Any suggestions are mostly appreciated. Thank you very much for your kind support in advance. Best regards Blue
  2. Thanks a lot for your hint. I didn't realize that the number of the selected Folder changed each time. I only focused the names of the effects. Now the journey into the M13 adventure may start ;)
  3. I just received my M13 (my first pedal board ever) and tried to change the scene-folders. But to my surprise nothing changed when I selected scene-folder 2, 3 or 4. Is this a mal function or is it a handling issue? In my understanding if folder 2 - 4 are empty there should be at least 12 empty effects in the folders. Thanks for supporting a pedal newby
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