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  1. Hi Mitch, thanks for the reply, that is what I was worried about. My impatience got the better of me and I went out and bought a telecaster anyway. I haven't been brave enough yet to do a direct comparison between the two, but when I do I will report back. Cheers Mark
  2. Hi all, I have an Amplifi 150 and shortboard MKii, which I use with my Yamaha RGX121SJ and quite a lot of effects (think "comfortably numb" solo and things like "where the streets have no name" as examples of heavily processed sounds I make). I was thinking of buying another guitar to experience the different sounds and characteristics of the guitar. After reading reviews on the Epiphone Nighthawk I was quite keen to get one. So, I sat down at a friends and played my Yamaha alongside him playing his Epiphone nighthawk. We were both playing through this POD HD-x 500 and PA. The sounds were almost identical to my ears. In fact I think he was a bit depressed that my Yammy sounded just like this Epiphone. I decided that there is no point in my buying the Epiphone and have started to look at Fenders. So my question and my concern is as simple as this: Using the effects as heavily as I do from my Amplifi, is this going to negate the point of having any other guitars? The main reason I want another guitar is to achieve a different sound. I do like my Yamaha, but I don't want to buy another guitar if it is just going to sound exactly the same when it gets processed by my Line6 gear. I tried to post a URL to my soundcloud, so you could hear how heavily I use the effects. But I was unable to, and couldn't close the "URL" window either so I've had to re-write this post from scratch. But if you are interested to see how much I do use effects, my soundcloud user is called "Obergurgl" - but please don't flame me, one is my first Cubase attempt at multi track, and the other was just recorded on a phone mic. I'm a new guitarist, so these are pretty amateur. Might be best to not listen to them, but if it helps with answering my question, then that's ok by me. Hope that is clear. Any advice/thoughts please? Cheers Mark
  3. Thanks Beami1. I can't agree more with the sentiments that we need a windows box to use Amplifi remote. I really do not want to have to upgrade my phone in line with Apples schedule just to be able to use my guitar rig. I have seen apps cease to work due to a new version being released, and that new version will only work on a new version of IOS, meaning I iOS had to be upgraded too. Eventually, current iOs wont work well on old devices and hence a new phone is needed. I bet many folk over the years have bought amps that are still in use decades later, I am not sure how my Amplifi will face up to the challenges of decades of use, upgrades to ios and so on. Maybe it will all be ok, but I kind of wish I had bought something else, mainly because of the reliance on mobile phones. So, a proper windows version would seem helpful. What's that? Oh yeah, windows upgrades are going the same way as IoS upgrades. Oops.
  4. Check fuses. Don't know where they are, but check for to see if it has any and if they are replaceable/resettable. First principle of this kind of troubleshooting. There might be an internal one and of course the power plug will have one. I wouldn't expect it to be the plug, but there might be some form of protection/cut out in the box. I'd refer you to the manual to check, but amazingly there isn't one.
  5. Still no sign of a manual. Unforgivable really.
  6. Try this: There is a thread called "How to run Android Amplifi Remote App in Windows or OS X" that explains it. Like many things Line6 - nothing is simple. I can't paste the URL, sorry, you will have to look for it yourselves. Progress eh? 30 years of PC and now we can't paste. Mark
  7. yes, updating all my versions, Amplifi, amp firmware resolved my poor Bluetooth connectivity too. The product has driven me mad at times, but I consider it teething trouble, and seem to be through the problem stage and now just enjoying it. It should be easier, and it shouldn't come with these issues, but it is worth persevering with.
  8. I did an update late last year and what was very bad blue tooth connectivity has now been very good. If you are not on the latest versions up date them. If you have, sorry for suggesting.
  9. Hey Quintis, exactly how are you trying to do it? I had similar issues with various devices, in particular the shortboard MKII was a real pain in the back to get connected to my PC. I resolved it by running monkey and FBV control at the same time, one would see the pedal, the other wouldn't, but when they were both running the Line6 Monkey opened the connection to the pedal and only then could the pedal control software connect to it. I hear your pain, it shouldn't be like this and it frustrated the hell out of me so much I was pretty angry about it all. The amp on the other hand, I only had a couple of glitches with. It was a case of "loads of pain" to get it all connected and operational and then I just left it, I wont update iOs on my phone anymore because that reigned havoc the last time I did it. So, there are a lot of flaws in this stuff, but you should be able to get the utility to talk to the amp. I assume you are not going via a USB hub? If you are, don't. Does your PC make the "clunk" noise through the speakers when you plug in your Amp? What about other devices on the same connection? Check in your device manager and look to see if there is the Amplifi listed.If it isn't, you could search on google to ask "why is my PC not detecting my USB device" - there will be loads of rubbish answers, but try and stay on the Microsoft community sites and stay away from anyone that says things like "Down load and run this software" and also to be honest, I wouldn't touch any of the forum sites I didn't already know about, hence I would only read Microsoft's community sites for answers, the web is polluted with too much guff these days and likelihood for virus infection is too high if you start to wander about in places you don't know. I had to escalate within Line6 because one of the first dudes that helped out was giving me the same answers you were getting, eventually I got a more experienced technician who helped me through my pedal issues, but yeah, it shouldn't be like this. We need to be pretty adept at PC stuff sometimes. I suppose first off check Windows device manager to see if the Amp is there.
  10. As a beginner/novice I wanted to experiment with looping, after some research I concluded that I needed an external looper, so I picked up a Wally Hot One looper stomp. Got it home. It doesn't come with a PSU, so if you go out and get one, make sure you buy an adapter (9v negative centre for UK pedals). So, having a play with this. The result is that the amp applies the effects to whatever is being piped into the input, so if I record say "American clean" Bank 1 pedal C and do some strumming, and then want to play some delayed lead over the top, the looper signal gets the delay applied to it too. In short the looper must be recording the clean sound from my guitar, and the amp is processing effects on whatever tone I am using at that time. I guess this is a limitation of the way it is designed to work. Or, is there some clever way around this that someone else knows about? Please take it easy with me if the answer is technical, a lot of what I read on this forum is beyond my level of musical or technical knowledge. Thanks Mark
  11. Yes, I feel I need to move away from reliance on the iphone and want to use my PC, knowing how to do this would be great. Can you share? Thanks Mark
  12. Nightmare, sorry I don't have an answer other than to stop updating IOS, which is clearly not practical or good advice, but it seems the only way to ensure "no issues". Every time Apple update the IOS somewhere in the world someone's stuff ceases to work. We have started to use IOS devices with staff at work, what a mistake that was - we have systems for all sorts of stuff that remote staff have come to rely on their mobile devices to do their job. Every now and again, bang! Whole teams of people can't do their job. Ask yourself as well - so, what happens when Apple sabotage their iPhones so that apps from 2016 can no longer work on IOS in 2018, it wont be the first time they have done this. So, in buying an Amplifi I realise I have tied myself into Apple for the life of my Amplifi gear. Line 6 need to give us a stable PC and Apple desktop based alternative to the app so that we are not having to upgrade our phones at Apple's whims just to use our Amplifi gear - or if I have this wrong I am happy to be educated about a better way to work.
  13. I have it working: For anyone else that has similar issues try the following: Update your PC Amplifi drivers to the latest version. I selected the line6 Driver 2 V 1.76 which has a fix for "ASIO might not be working after other Line6 drivers have been installed". Well, yep, I had updated a few bits and pieces before trying Cubase. So installing this V1.76 driver looked a sensible approach. As soon as I did this and restarted Cubase it detected my Amplifi - it hadn't done this before. Once I selected the Amplifi it was all very simple and easy. Just how I imagined it would be when I started out on this. So, yes, it is easy to do, but make sure you have updated your Amplifi drivers for Windows.
  14. Hey, I know nothing about Cubase, I know very little about Amplifi. I have both though and they both work. My Amplifi is connected over USB into my PC and my PC bleeps at me when I power on or off the ampli. I want to be able to get the guitar playing into Cubase. I've watched about 7 or 8 videos, been through the knowledge base, googled, searched the forum. I haven't been able to figure out how to get the guitar sound coming into Cubase. I am hoping someone can say something like: Open up the "device menu, click on ADD, select USB" and that the answer will be as simple as that. Can anyone help me get my guitar sound from Amplifi over USB and into Cubase please? I'm sure it cant be that difficult, it is meant to do this isn't it? :) Thanks Mark
  15. Really? I heard that this was old hat, although the smart phone was new into the mix. Regardless, clearly they are not set up in the right way to deal with the challenges the smart phone presents. If a business is going to start making software and bundle it with a new product billed as a game changer, then they shouldn't be doing it like amateurs - that is what I am referring to. Their software operation is not mature or robust in the area of apps. One has to wonder did they employ a school leaver with the skillset to program, but no experience of release management or testing perhaps? Whatever anyone says, their approach to app based software is indefensible for a global market leader and an established company. They should not have come to market until the issues were ironed out. I think a lot of folk would agree with that. They have left a lot of people high and dry for long periods with this product. The fact that still, days after IOS 9 is out we are all still waiting for a fix is extremely poor show. I guess we can accept that part of the problem is that Line6 got themselves into a lot of trouble, and have recently been taken over by Yamaha, but it would be nice if Yamaha inflicted some zen on their Line6 operations, because I think it is fair to say there are a lot of very annoyed customers where the Amplifi is concerned and it could be so good with just the smallest bit more effort and focus on yamaha's part.
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