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  1. My Pod must be the issue then. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have ruined 2 HP laptops simply by using my Pod X3 to record (in Reaper with ASIO). Here's what happens. On both laptops I have had one incident of accidentally unplugging the Pod while it was in use, which led the computer to crash. Following this incident the computer would then crash randomly (fairly frequently) whenever I used the Pod again from then on. After a few times the hard drive failed completely. Ive never heard of anyone else having this problem. Any ideas on a safer way to use my Pod X3 to record? Thanks!
  3. Yo does anyone else only get like 3 amps on Windows 10 Podfarm? (JCM800, Twin Reverb, and Power Amp Models). Also my number of effects is dramatically cutdown and there's no EQ. Im using Pod Farm 2.57 (I think), whichever is the newest one, on a Pod X3 with Windows 10.
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