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    UK Helix Arrival

    Just had an email from Andertons confirming the dispatch of mine from Andertons to me today. I think they received shipment from Yamaha either late last night or first thing this morning, so they have managed to turn them round quickly, thank goodness. Fingers and toes crossed!
  2. rdysan

    UK Helix Arrival

    Sadly got an email saying: "We have been chasing our suppliers and the most recent information we have on when the item(s) are expected to be delivered to our warehouse are listed below: Line 6 Helix Floor pedal (Stockcode GHELIXUK) Expected delivery to our warehouse: 20/10/15 We apologise that this is later than we originally expected." Luckily I'm not bothered either way.* * This may be a total lie.
  3. rdysan

    UK Helix Arrival

    I received an email from Andertons on Friday saying that Line 6 have notified them that the units are now in the UK and will be sent to them early this week. Andertons hope they will receive the shipment on Wednesday (14th) and they will endeavour to get them turned around ASAP. From what I understand they get delivered to Yamaha UK first. I think Andertons are as frustrated as the next man on the delay and lack of concrete dates. Frankly, I've always found them to be a good bunch of guys and obviously they know that the longer the customer waits, the more chance they will cancel an order out of annoyance. For what its worth, I'm hopeful anyway. Fingers crossed!
  4. Many thanks all. Much appreciated!
  5. Hi there, I have a Firehawk with Variax JTV-69 and have also ordered a Helix. Other than the blindingly obvious "why don't I actually try and get better at playing the guitar before falling prey to a GAS attack?" the question I have is “why would I keep Firehawk when I also have a Helix?â€. I'm thinking because of Firehawk's abilities to be controlled by an iPad (which I really like), to be able to download tones via the ipad and also the fact that I can play a backing track from the iPad into the Firehawk and play along. I know the Helix doesn't have the ipad ability and L6's explanation makes sense to me that it was too much data that would have to be passed via Bluetooth so I've come to terms with that. I'm not sure how Helix will allow me to connect something so I can play a backing track through the system, though. I don't know whether I'm being dumb to think I'll need to keep the Firehawk with all that Helix has to offer but I'd welcome any thoughts/comments anyone might have about keeping it or not as the case may be (when) Helix arrives. I have no idea whether the Firehawk will lay there pretty much unused, or whether actually it will provide me the best of both worlds if I can connect the two (i.e. GUI via ipad and backing blend via Firehawk plus Helix's strengths). Cheers...Rod
  6. Doh - you're quite right Duncann. I was messed up and was thinking Firehawk would have the same connectors as Helix. You're right it doesn't.
  7. Hi Duncann, I don't think the cable I mean is the Variax one, it's connectors look different. It looks like it's an XLR, rather than a shielded RJ45 L6 LINKâ„¢ is a powerful proprietary connection developed by Line 6 to enable easy one-cable connectivity between a variety of Line 6 products. It passes both audio and control data via a single cable connection, and the resulting operation allows users to receive many incredible advantages.
  8. Sorry, quick supplementary - and to connect my current Firehawk to the Helix? Would this be best with the L6 Digital Link cable? Ta much.
  9. Hi there, Apologies if this is a really dumb question but I wonder if someone can help me out. I currently have a Helix on order and want to know how best I can connect it to my current hi-fi system. I would have used a fairly simple phono input if it wasn’t for the fact that my equipment doesn’t have that (it’s a Cyrus Streamline v2). Rear connections are two TosLink optical digital inputs, three coaxial digital inputs and an MC-BUS In/Out. What would be the best way to connect the Helix to the Cyrus, so I can use the speakers attached to the Cyrus to listen to the Helix output. Any suggestions gratefully received! Cheers….Rod
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