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  1. You sure can. https://youtu.be/hBltf-snJ8Q
  2. ^ Good call and well done. I didn't see that coming.
  3. I'm still having this problem, although sporadic, even without the expression pedal plugged in. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. Was this ever solved? I am having a similar issue where the tap tempo screen flashes randomly for a second or two. It happens often enough to make me slightly concerned. I am also using and ext expression pedal, I'm not sure if there is a correlation though.
  5. I have had good success using the tube driver as my main overdrive sound. It should get you close. I tend to rely on it more than they drive from the amp models.
  6. For Church I just use one patch (AC30) that I created and turn on/off individual effects as needed - pedalboard-stompbox style. For this particular patch my chain is Screamer HD > Analog Delay set to 1/4 note > Digital Delay set to dotted eight > Plate reverb > Amp Model-AC30 > Compressor > EQ > Volume. I have a different patch for Ambient Swells.
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