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  1. Hi Guys. I have Monkey updated, Workbench HD installed, I have a green light on both ends of the Variax USB interface but WB does not see my guitar. I hit re-scan and it does not show up. What am I doing wrong? Jake
  2. Any problems using an ebow on a Variax??
  3. Hey guys. Bought the Lightning to usb camera connector and want to record guitar into GarageBand. When I click on the add track + I'm not sure which option to choose. Should the Firehawk show up as a device?
  4. Sorry the incompatibility has nothing to do with Apple. It's Line 6 that dropped the ball on this one.
  5. The best way to use a Variax Standard is with a full range powered monitor. This is the only way you will get a great acoustic and electric sound from one amp/monitor. I've paired my Variax Standard with a Firehawk FX and I run it into a Yorkville YX10p powered monitor.
  6. Hey. How do I rename a patch that is stored on the Firehawk?
  7. I went with a Yorkville YX10P. A little more money than I wanted to spend but a much better choice.
  8. I love mine. I am a Flextone III and Pod X3 Live owner. By far the best modeler I've used. I use mine 3-4 weekends a month for worship music. Also have a Variax Standard which compliments the Firehawk amazingly.
  9. Hey guys. Hoping someone can point me towards a tone from the cloud that will get me close to a Norman Brown sound. Using a Variax Standard.
  10. Hey all. Currently I am using a Yorkville NX25p as my "monitor" for my Firehawk. I have been using full range speakers for a while. Problem is the NX25p is huge and heavy. In our practice setting I don't even need all the power that it has. I am considering this and I was wanting some opinions. Looking for max portability with just enough power for a quieter practice setting. https://www.long-mcquade.mobi/9784/Pro_Audio_Recording/PA_Cabinets/Yorkville_Sound/Coliseum_Series_Compact_Powered_Wall_Mount_Speaker_-_80_Watts.htm
  11. I am running El Capitan and just bought a Variax Standard. Was anxious to get workbench going to mess around with custom guitars and I cant even get monkey to install. It just hangs.
  12. Hey guys. For those of u using the firehawk for worship, how do you arrange your patches? I realize most likely have favorite patches they may recall all the time. Does anyone arrange patches by song?
  13. jakers1975


    Hey guys. Just picked up a Firehawk and Variax standard. I live in a town home and I need a recommendation on a decent set of headphones for setting up tones. I will be running the Firehawk into a self powered full range monitor which I set flat. Any affordable suggestions for headphones?
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