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  1. Hi, Yes, this exact thing just happend to me, 15 minutes after I unpacked my brand new Helix and ran the 2.01 firmware update. :-( I also tried going back to earlier firmware versions without any luck. Please, if you find a way to resolve this, please post here, and I'll do the same. Thanks, Tim
  2. Hello all, My 15 minutes old Helix Floor is stuck in boot after a failed 2.01 firmware update. I ran the firmware update as per Line 6's instructions, but after the update ended, the Helix cannot boot, but is stuck with a spiral blinking in top of the Line 6 Logo and underneath a text saying both Helix and Helix Rack on top of each other, and some random icons on the Helix screen. I have tried reinstalling the 2.01 and trying to go back to several earlier firmware versions with the latest Line 6 Updater, but after installation, the Helix does not restart, and nothing changes, still stuck in boot with that buggy screen. I have tried doing a safe boot, but the screen just goes black and nothing happens. Please, has anybody experienced this and might know a way to fix this issue? Thank you in advance, Tim
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