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  1. As much as I love Helix and everything it offers, both in terms of variety and practicality, I doubt I will ever get rid of my amp heads, especially my Orange OR100, which through my Torpedo Live offers a warmth, thickness, responsiveness and grit that none of my Helix tones can deliver (or any of the 100's of demos I heard online). :-) But still - Helix is a hell of a tool with a load of options, but I certainly do feel a big difference changing from real amp to Helix, or the other way around. :-) (Edit: the above is mostly regarding recording at home)
  2. Theses presets sounds great - when will they be out? :-)
  3. I think they sound so familiar, and it's pretty hard to hear which units/software is which, but I will nevertheless start the party with this: GIT A - Kemper GIT B - Helix GIT C - Peavey 6505 GIT D - TSE X50 Ampsim :-)
  4. I am pondering the same thing. I have been looking at Apogee One, and wonder if anybody knows if it would be able to offer the same quality input as the Helix?
  5. Thanks for your answer, frodebro! Does it matter if the preamp block is to the left or right of the send/return block?
  6. Hello all - maybe someone can help me out. How should I set everything up, if I wish to use a Helix preamp with 4 cable method with my amp (that has an effects loop)? Let's say I want to use the Archetype preamp, where should the preamp block be placed in the chain in relation to the send/return block? And would cabels be connected the same way as you see on most 4 cable method schematics? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello all, Not sure if this has been covered, but I have the floor Helix and am planning to get the Native at the discounted price for owners at $99, when it comes out. But what happens if I sell my Helix floor later on - will I still be able to use Native, without having to buy the non-discounted version? Thinking how the licence will behave, when being registered to a new user. Thanks
  8. Oh yeah, and of course I'm looking forward to real time reamping (if you can call it that) - no need to settle on amps and effects when recording, as you can always go back and easily change and experiment afterwards. :-)
  9. In my case, I would be able to leave my Helix at rehearsal, not having to bring my Helix back and forth a couple of times a week with public transport, and still be able play, tweak and record at home or where ever I want, and only bringing the Helix out for gigs. :-) And I do like the idea of just bringing my laptop (which I almost always carry around anyways) to a friends house, recording with him record in Helix quality, without having to bring the rather heavy and expensive Helix always. :-)
  10. This is great news. I just wonder if my laptop will be able run 3 or 4 tracks with Helix devices simultaneously, but in worst case, you could of course just "bounce" or "mixdown" the tracks as you go. :-) 2 things I wonder about: - If I buy Helix Native with the $99 discount, because I already own a Helix floor, what would happen if I sold my Helix? I guess the Helix Native license would become void, as the physical device would be reregistered by another user? - There will probably be a "DSP lock" when making patches in Native, so you are sure that the patches will work properly on the physical Helix, but I wonder if it will be possible to exceed that limit for patches, only for use in Native? (badly explained, but I hope you get my meaning)
  11. I wanted to ask the same thing. :-) Update would be great, but even a new pack with the new amps would be awesome too. ;-)
  12. Hi, As the title says, I'm wondering if there really are updates to most of the factory presets after the recent update? I have noticed a couple of people stating that the factory presets now sound considerably better, but I'm wondering if this is just a placebo effect, as the release notes says: "- Minor updates to the Factory Preset bundle". :-) Thanks!
  13. Would love to try some of your patches - I myself love doom/sludge/stoner, and I having quite a challenge getting that sound on direct recording with the Helix. :-)
  14. I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm, and I think they sound really good directly in the Helix - all around just an awesome pair of cans:
  15. Hehe, when getting the Helix I already had a bunch of commercial IR's that I used with my HD500 when recording. (HD500 with cabs disabled -> audio interface -> Cubase -> IR plugin) Recording with impulse responses really took the HD500 further. When I got the Helix, I bought the Heavy Hitters IR pack from OwnHammer (The guy in the video seems to be using OwnHammer IRs too), and I'm almost exclusively using those IRs on my own patches ever since. I kinda knew I would go the IR way even before getting the Helix, from what I saw and heard from videos online beforehand. I know there is alot of discussion about this subject, but I think good IRs still beats the stock cabs in Helix.
  16. I tried last night to bump it up to 256, as you suggest, and I had Cubase going for an hour without problems until I had to head for bed - it seems promising, but I will try a bit more. But so far, thank you for your help - you might just have solved my annoying issue, spikey. :-)
  17. Thank you for your reply Spikey. I'm not quite sure if the Helix is losing connection or my laptop is. (Edit)I just checked, and the editor still keeps working after the sound drops in Cubase, so yes, there is a connection to Helix still, even though I need to go into Cubase's preferences and change the audio interface from Helix to Bulit in audio, and then switch back to Helix, for the sound to come back. I have tried 3 different cables in both USB ports - same problem. I don't have any virus program active, and I have tested with closing all programs and browsers, only having Cubase open, and the problem persists. I do sometimes, not often, get pops and clicks using Cubase with Helix as Audio Interface, but I don't feel like it's connected to when the sound drops. It usually something like: I have recorded a guitar track in Cubase, play it back with no problem, stop it, play it again, wait a few seconds, try to play again and then theres no sound. I don't know if my latency/buffer settings are correct - right now it's set at 64 samples - that should be fine, right?
  18. I want to add, that I tried other DAWs to rule out that it is a Cubase related problem, and it is the same with other DAWs and that I have tried using both USB ports.
  19. Hello all, I am desperately seeking advise on my problem with using Helix as an audio interface in Cubase on El Capitan. My Helix keeps losing connection to Cubase, without any apparent pattern, or rather, the sound just disappears. It can happen any time after 3 minutes or 15 minutes, while using Cubase actively (recording or playback) or while Cubase is in the background. When the the sound drops, I can go to Cubase’s preferences and change the audio interface from Helix to Bulit in audio, and then switch back to Helix, and the sound will come back, until the problem appears again from approximately 3 to 15 minutes. I have tried with 3 different USB cables as well, but same result. I hope some of you have experience resolving this issue or just some good ideas. Thanks. :-) My specs: - Helix Mac Driver 1.00 Public Beta - Helix firmware 2.01 - MacBook Pro (Mid 2014) - (Two USB 3 ports, Two Thunderbolt 2 ports) - El Capitan 10.11.3
  20. I second this, I only use the Fremen pack now, and mostly play metal - so much better than the factory presets or any preset I could make myself. Go get it :-)
  21. Hi, I am not quite sure, as I got the Fremen pack 2 days after getting the Helix, and have almost exclusively used those presets - but I will try and keep an eye open. I have the floor model and use 1/4 mono out going to my soundcard/DAW.
  22. I experience the exact same issue as OP. I have to check if it also happens with the factory presets, but I especially experienced this problem with the Fremen pack. At least you are not alone pinoy1 :-)
  23. Hello all, Does anyone have experience with successfully using heavy fuzz pedals in front of Helix, that is, between the Guitar and Helix? I have a Big Muff Pi and a Black Arts LSTR, which I desperately try to make work the same way in Helix as they do in an amp, but no matter what I do, the sound chokes completely and buttons on the pedal such as Tone, becomes totally unresponsive, and generally produces a very undesirable sound. As a note, I am trying to achieve at fat, deep, dirty and gritty stoner/sludge/doom tone, so the pedal needs to be cranked up a lot (this might be part of the problem?) I can't reproduce the sound I want with Helix's own fuzzes, so this is why I'm looking to my old trusty analog fuzzes. Does anybody have some good tricks and suggestions to what settings I might have to fiddle with, to make these pedals behave better? Any help would be much appreciated. :-) Edit: Maybe not the best example, but this is kinda what I would like to come close to by using my Big Muff in front of the Helix:
  24. Update: I don't quite know how, but a combination of restarting 30 times with and without usb cable plugged in, and forcing manual update mode by pressing foot controls 6 & 12, i managed to do an working update to 2.01.
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