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  1. As much as I love Helix and everything it offers, both in terms of variety and practicality, I doubt I will ever get rid of my amp heads, especially my Orange OR100, which through my Torpedo Live offers a warmth, thickness, responsiveness and grit that none of my Helix tones can deliver (or any of the 100's of demos I heard online). :-) But still - Helix is a hell of a tool with a load of options, but I certainly do feel a big difference changing from real amp to Helix, or the other way around. :-) (Edit: the above is mostly regarding recording at home)
  2. Theses presets sounds great - when will they be out? :-)
  3. I think they sound so familiar, and it's pretty hard to hear which units/software is which, but I will nevertheless start the party with this: GIT A - Kemper GIT B - Helix GIT C - Peavey 6505 GIT D - TSE X50 Ampsim :-)
  4. I am pondering the same thing. I have been looking at Apogee One, and wonder if anybody knows if it would be able to offer the same quality input as the Helix? http://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/apogee-one
  5. Thanks for your answer, frodebro! Does it matter if the preamp block is to the left or right of the send/return block?
  6. Hello all - maybe someone can help me out. How should I set everything up, if I wish to use a Helix preamp with 4 cable method with my amp (that has an effects loop)? Let's say I want to use the Archetype preamp, where should the preamp block be placed in the chain in relation to the send/return block? And would cabels be connected the same way as you see on most 4 cable method schematics? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello all, Not sure if this has been covered, but I have the floor Helix and am planning to get the Native at the discounted price for owners at $99, when it comes out. But what happens if I sell my Helix floor later on - will I still be able to use Native, without having to buy the non-discounted version? Thinking how the licence will behave, when being registered to a new user. Thanks
  8. Oh yeah, and of course I'm looking forward to real time reamping (if you can call it that) - no need to settle on amps and effects when recording, as you can always go back and easily change and experiment afterwards. :-)
  9. In my case, I would be able to leave my Helix at rehearsal, not having to bring my Helix back and forth a couple of times a week with public transport, and still be able play, tweak and record at home or where ever I want, and only bringing the Helix out for gigs. :-) And I do like the idea of just bringing my laptop (which I almost always carry around anyways) to a friends house, recording with him record in Helix quality, without having to bring the rather heavy and expensive Helix always. :-)
  10. This is great news. I just wonder if my laptop will be able run 3 or 4 tracks with Helix devices simultaneously, but in worst case, you could of course just "bounce" or "mixdown" the tracks as you go. :-) 2 things I wonder about: - If I buy Helix Native with the $99 discount, because I already own a Helix floor, what would happen if I sold my Helix? I guess the Helix Native license would become void, as the physical device would be reregistered by another user? - There will probably be a "DSP lock" when making patches in Native, so you are sure that the patches will work properly on the physical Helix, but I wonder if it will be possible to exceed that limit for patches, only for use in Native? (badly explained, but I hope you get my meaning)
  11. I wanted to ask the same thing. :-) Update would be great, but even a new pack with the new amps would be awesome too. ;-)
  12. Hi, As the title says, I'm wondering if there really are updates to most of the factory presets after the recent update? I have noticed a couple of people stating that the factory presets now sound considerably better, but I'm wondering if this is just a placebo effect, as the release notes says: "- Minor updates to the Factory Preset bundle". :-) Thanks!
  13. Would love to try some of your patches - I myself love doom/sludge/stoner, and I having quite a challenge getting that sound on direct recording with the Helix. :-)
  14. I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm, and I think they sound really good directly in the Helix - all around just an awesome pair of cans: https://www.amazon.com/beyerdynamic-DT-770-Pro-ohm/dp/B0016MNAAI/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1476308019&sr=1-1&keywords=beyerdynamic%2Bdt%2B770%2Bpro%2B80%2Bohms&th=1
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