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  1. oh, I get it, them apple says the problem for hd 300 persist, ok, what version of El capitan have you? and also what driver have for you pod is the 7.3.8.? You know about this link ? http://line6.com/support/forum-30/announcement-73-mac-os-1011-el-capitan-problem-with-line-6-usb-audio-driver/
  2. Thing if you write f_u_c_k_i_n_g in the final comment changes to "Lollipop" lol.... now my problem is this, I have a Pod HD 300 the fu_cking driver don't install, why? I Don't know, I put update , and again click to update and nothing happens, my OS is El Capitan 10.11.1, when you say look at the app store, what software you mean, what I looking for, the driver?
  3. You can give me the link plz, I appreciate it!! :(
  4. You have to be kidding me, I will try right lollipoping now, appreciate your update, if all goes well, I send you a present this Christmas dude, lollipoping love u!!!!
  5. same problem here with El Capita 10.11.1, any solution plz
  6. Guys, any solution? My line 6 Monkey don't recognized the driver 7.3.8, I have a Pod HD 300 and I can't recording a lollipop on GarageBand, my problem is the USB Driver, I reall
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