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  1. I purchased a Truetone 12 to power the Stomp as well as the G10 relay (modified) and two other pedals. For those who use this set up, I wanted to clarify the power out put. I have read that the Truetone's will put out more mA than the output that is labeled on the output plug, as long as you don't come close to total max rating of the power supply. The Stomp is essentially right at 850/875 mA. Did you use a current doubling or current splitting cable (that doesn't come with the package) or did you just use the Line 6 adapter into the polarity reversal and into the 800mA output. Also, would you recommend a current splitter adapter for a 350mA pedal or just plug it straight into the 300 mA outpu? .
  2. Sweet!! The Guitorgan!!! I love those pedals! It's the perfect complement to the Helix
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