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  1. @cruisinon2 thanks for your message. I've opened the support ticket through the site, Josh (L6 support agent) was really interested on solving my issue, but, none of the troubleshooting steps worked out for me. He then gave me some local repair facilities that must be outdated, because none of them knew they were authorized repair facilities from LINE 6 devices and said they couldn't help me. I'd pay the shipping to send it directly to Line 6 and have a brand new one (and no headache), at this moment I'm 1000% frustrated because I've sold my POD HD500 (5 years old, not a single hiccup or issue) and bought the HX STOMP (after months saving money) to upgrade my home studio and now I'm losing jobs because I can't produce with this faulty unit.
  2. I'm having the same issue, mine doesn't stay on for more than 1 minute and it reboots. Tried all procedures recommended by Line 6 and nothing worked. There's no local technical support where I could drop the HX Stomp to have someone verifying as well. The contacts given by Line 6 didn't even know they were authorized assistance. The main problem is, I'm from Brazil, no one sells HX STOMP over here, so, I've bought it on a trip to USA and now I don't have anyone to assist me on replacing this faulty unit. I'm so frustrated because I used to have a POD HD500 for long years and never had any kind of issue.
  3. I'm having the same issue with mine, but, it won't stay online for more than 20-30 seconds. It keeps rebooting forever. I've opened a ticket with Line 6, since I'm using the pedal for almost 30 days and there are no power issues in my house.
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