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  1. I have a suggestion. I don't know if it is possible within the Firehawk FX firmware to enable a "midi control" effect or box or whatever. Something that works kind of like the internal looper. Set a specific switch to send a midi signal (over USB) or have a way to make the "Tap" switch a midi control... Here is my issue. I'd like to record guitar in to a scene in Ableton Live 9 on the fly (keep the creative juices flowing). Starting and punching in is no problem, but triggering the punch-out is impossible with a guitar in your hands. I've rigged some stuff up in the past with a qwerty keyboard on the floor, but that thing was ugly as hell and killed the vibe. So I've got my Firehawk, a beautiful $400 multi-effects pedal with a USB port. Strange thing is, you guys made that USB port exclusively a firmware update port. Seems like a weird decision to me... but I feel like, since the hardware is already there, you guys could patch in a firmware update that unlocked that USB port so that it could be used in ableton. Also, while we're on the topic, why didn't you create an effect editing tool for PC? Bluetooth connectivity with my phone seems silly when I'm sitting next to my full Windows workstation... and it can be downright annoying with disconnects and whatnot. Just some suggestions.
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