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  1. I've been using the simple shifter, to drop my guitar down a half step so I can play with bands who play 1/2 step down without re-tuning my guitars. It worked great with ver 2.92 on the Helix LT. However, the update to 3.0 has caused problems. It seems that even with the mix turned up to 100%, the dry signal is loud enough to cause it to be useless. Any fixes, or work-arounds? I tried a couple of the other shifters to no avail. TIA
  2. That's one thing I wish it did have: an on/off switch
  3. Hey!! I appreciate the responses. I'm getting closer thanks you your help! I'm amazed at the difference it makes just turning off Input 2! Never thought of that option. I've played with the mid-focus EQ and it's pretty cool as I'm going for some of those snarly mids. I"m going to try the eq as a "notch filter" to try to dial out some of the other sizzle. Thanks for the help!!
  4. I'm having a bit of a problem dialing out excessive "sizzle" in my tones. I can't seem to get that smooth, creamy distortion. It seems that there's a bit too much treble that I can't dial out. The tone controls on the amp models don't seem to have as much effect on the tones that I would expect. I've tried direct connect, and have experimented with the combo/stack output options. Currently, I'm using it with an H&K Deluxe 20 via the 4-wire method. That helps a bit, but I can't get the sound that I'd like using the POD alone. Anyone else have this problem? If you have suggestions or if you could point me to some online information, I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks very much
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