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  1. Thanks but it didnt help.This happend after the 3.0 update so i will wait for a fix
  2. i am currently having some issues with my helix lt 3.0 & 3.1.I use helix as an audio interface for my computer and i hear crackles and the sound is like 8bit some times .I installed the drivers and firmware via hx edit but it didnt fix the problem
  3. This update is awesome !! I would like to see a 4k monitor compatibility for Helix edit though....
  4. Thanks a lot for your answer. Its unbelievable the way those modelers have been improved all those years!!The good thing is that you can avoid that noise by increasing the Bias just a little bit :D
  5. So when you play the same preset you hear the same noise ?or is just my helix that makes that noise ??
  6. Hi i am experiencing a strange pitched sound in the backround with some amp models especially when i am playing on the 9th fret of the G string. I use a gibson les paul with burstbuckers. The problem seems to be solved when i increase the bias setting and decrease some of the ripple. Also i am running the latest firmware. Current preset is an essex30 with some reverb but same thing happens also with brit trem brt and placaster dirty. i will attach some presets and wav files so you guys can tell me if you are experiencing something similar ac30 stock set.hlx a30 bias&rip dif.hlx ac30 fixed with increased bias and decreased ripple.wav ac30_stock.wav
  7. sonerath

    Acoustic Amps?

    It sounds amazing!!I never used an ir before to be honest ......wow!!!and you instructions are very good!!Thanks!!
  8. Can you please tell us what values you set on your 1)helix master volume, 2)signal chain out (multi,xlr etc), 3)out/send/return(instrument or line level)?for both senarios?(internal or external preamp)
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