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  1. Hi silverhead (love that nic!). I just tried again. Realized it was the wrong button :)
  2. So last night when using Helix, I wanted to get to the preset list. I clicked the button that would usually take you there, but it wouldn't go. Is this a known bug as of recent, or is it just me?
  3. @PierM I did as you said with the joystick settings. It was already set to that. The short and quick push helps, but I never had to do that before...
  4. Hey guys, I also have been having this issue along with the issue of the loud hum (which now has been fixed). I have Helix's floor. Will try PierM's solution.
  5. @hideout I guess it hasn't affected everyone lol. For me it was insanely annoying though.
  6. Hey, anyone having problems using the button to enter Helix's amp and effect list? It randomly works. I think this is due to the recent update. Was fine before.
  7. im_helix

    Acoustic Amps?

    roscoe5, hey! Sorry I been off the face of earth for ages. Um, yeah more like an acoustic guitar simulator. I think I managed making it out using the US Small Tweed amp, playing around with its settings. It's pretty close now. I learned that you can't really get the exact acoustic sound since it's an electric guitar, but I'm pretty happy with how I set it up.
  8. Absolute genius, thank you! I ran into this same issue last night. Loud hum outta my amp cab. Turns out that Helix did have a recent update, as my dad told me. Must have updated it some days ago. Hum does not fix as you said. Turning down (or off even) Ripple was like magic! ♥. Many thanks again. I hope this solution works for everyone else.
  9. im_helix

    Acoustic Amps?

    Thanks! I'll look into it sometime. I think I managed an acoustic sound using one of the amps in the listing. Er, I can't remember the name of the amp, but it sounds pretty acoustic to me :rolleyes:
  10. im_helix

    Acoustic Amps?

    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone has an acoustic amp emulator I can download for Helix? :)
  11. Make sure you aren't holding the three foot switches 8, 9 and 12 too long. I had to do a reset days ago on mine, and I held it for a bit, realizing that I really didn't need to lol. But if there is a problem with it, try as duncann suggests, and open a support ticket to follow up on the issue. Indeed he is an awesome beast! :D
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