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  1. We had to get my helix into update mode in order to finish the update to,1.065. I had some issues with my PC, and once I tried on a different PC, everything worked great. Line 6 support guys were awesome!!!!
  2. I was able to resolve with the help of support--great guys,,and I am up,and running!!!!
  3. I was able to work through this with the help of Line 6 support, and using a different PC. Looks like I have some sort of weird issue with my main pc. Using another laptop everything worked great!
  4. Hey Spikey--if 8 understand your question--no. I have two USB ports on the front of my PC. One USB port works for the floorboard; the same port will not work for the Rack. The other USB port will not work for the Rack either. Hope this helps,,and thanks for all the advice.
  5. Thanks Guys. I have tried different USB ports, uninstalling and then reinstalling the Helix app (and then plugging in the Helix rack first before the floorboard, but in each case my machine can't seem to "see" the rack through Helix Updater--though it always sees the floorboard). I will open a ticket with support. Thanks for the quick responses.
  6. I'm having similar issues attempting to update multiple Helices. My floorboard is currently bricked (1.0.3) and my line 6 updater cannot "see" my line 6 rack. Really appreciate all the support and advice here.
  7. Hello, I'm having an issue where the Line 6 Updater can "see" my Helix floorboard, but not my Helix rack. My floorboard is bricked at the moment (see my other posts), so I thought I would go ahead and up my rack. Is this something simple? Is it driver related? Has anyone else experienced this, or do I need to open a ticket with support? Thanks!!!
  8. Any updates on this? I have the exact same issue though I am on Windows 7. I've opened a support ticket, but thought I would check and see if anyone had a solution. Thanks!
  9. I wanted to see if this issue was resolved as well. I experience the same behavior on Windows 7. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Thanks for your help! I also tried the global reset buttons and that did not work for me either. My helix is not connected to my pc---just power. I've tried numerous things, but it looks like I will have to open a support ticket. Thank you so much for the rapid responses.
  11. Thanks--I have tried safe boot mode and still not working for me. Have I bricked this somehow?
  12. Hey Guys, Just attempted to update my Helix floorboard (version 1.03) to 1.065, and I am stuck on the Boot failure entered update mode. I've attempted the factory reset of pushing down 8, 9, and 12 but nothing seems to be happening. Can someone please help? Can't wait to get this beast updated and ready to rock!!
  13. Hey Guys, New user to Helix rack and control. Do I need the controller connected when I update the rack? Just wanted to be sure. Thanks!!!
  14. Yep--my ship date just changed to April as well from another retailer. Surely they should be coming sooner right?
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