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  1. I'm going to cheat by picking two, and neither of them come stock on the DT. I like the Fender Deluxe Reverb "vib" model for anything ultra-clean. I like the SLO Crunch on Top IV for anything requiring grit. If I could have a bonus, it'd probably be the Line 6 Elektrik for super heavy stuff.
  2. Huh, would you look at that... I knew something disappeared. Makes sense it's the "power" section of the amp.
  3. There won't be any cab parameters to tweak if he's running a pre-amp model (as he should) into a DT amp.
  4. Chris, I've experienced the same thing as you. When I first read this, I thought "I wonder if he's using the AC15 model." Sure enough, that's what you said. I have found it's an issue with that model specifically. And that's a bummer, because I like the low-mid character of that model, and would love to use it if it weren't for the static-y breakup at higher gain settings. I researched it a little further and compared with/without cab model. No difference, but using the stock cab model masks it a little bit by taking away some high presence. Then I plugged midi into the head and plugged straight in, and used the firmware update & third-party software to load the AC15 model onto channel B. The digital clipping was still there, but wasn't quite as obvious. But in the end, it was there in all situations. I think it's just the way they modeled the AC15.
  5. I just tried your signal chain...I can see why you like it! Very spongy, thick, saturated sound. In fact, I switched to my SLO recommendation above and it's not too different in character, just a little clearer on low palm mutes. I also discovered that I run it with the Greenback cab....who knew.
  6. You reminded me of something else...I almost ALWAYS set the cab to "no cab." This might be because I run to an external 2x12 with mixed speakers, so I want MY speaker doing the coloration, not the modeling. Do you use the combo/Line6 cab?
  7. Those of you who use an HD500 + DT 25/50, I'm wondering which amp models you've found to be the best for your purposes? For example, I love the JTM-45 and SLO Crunch. HOWEVER, when I use the SLO Crunch, I use it on Top IV. So that now turns this into a 2-part question: Are there any amp models that you like, but use with Topologies that are different than the default? This morning in church, the 2204 model through TOP IV, Class A, and Triode mode sounded great....that's all 3 defaults changed!
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