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  1. So i have a 2010 mac pro just updated to High Sierra and logic 10.4.1. Getting a plugin not initialized error. Downloaded 1.5, which doesn't crash my whole program like 1.1 did, i can at least get into the settings. I signed in and out, deauth and auth'ed the computer again, the auth goes through fine, and i get a PLUGIN NOT INITIALIZED error up top. ANyone else.
  2. I've been out of the loop with new L6 gear for a while because i've been pretty happy with my m13 into tube amps setup, but i logged on today to see what's new. For those of you who are following, where the heck is the market for the amplifi pedalboard? is it a replacement for those nice new HD pod floorboards that are coming out? What's the difference? Would someone purchasing one of these now want to go to the amplifi floorboard for future proofing, or is the pod hdx line still the best version of it? Don't understand really.
  3. So I have an old vetta II and the FBV longboard. Such a great controller. If I get an ethernet to usb adapter, does it send out midi? would I be able to use it with a guitar rig type program? Hate that it's collecting dust.
  4. I think there was a time when they offered an upgrade to 2 for cheap or something. I have it. I didn't realize the license manager existed and my new OS on my solid state drive was never authorized. Works now. Thanks buddy. Now if i'm selling this unit, what do i use to transfer all this stuff?
  5. Thanks for the reply Zap. I got it right around when X3 bean came out. I did have 2 with all of the plugins, so i'm not sure what happened. I just wasn't using it for a while, then came back to it to find only the free components. Checking the license manager now.
  6. I have a pod x3, so therefore I have access to full pod farm 2 when connected. I recently plugged in my x3 after it had been out for a while, and the only things showing up in both standalone pod farm 2 and plug in pod farm 2 are the free components. I have a track that I had a really cool effect that I DON"T want to try to reproduce and it's not loading with my project. I'm hoping it's just because it doesn't see the full pod farm, and that they'll come right back when I get it back. Any ideas as to why it's still not seeing the extras despite having my x3 plugged in?
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