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    UX2 Making me sound super deep

    Had this same issue for a while, and changing the sample rate on the input didn't help. Found a solution today that I wanted to share. tl;dr: (For Windows 10, can't confirm on other systems) Change the UX2 output device to use 44.1kHz instead of 48kHz or vis-a-versa and see if that fixes your problem. On Windows 10, changing the recording frequency of the input device didn't do anything for me. As odd as it sounds though, changing the output device from 48kHz to 44.1kHz DID fix the problem. Not sure why (driver issue perhaps?), but making that change fixed the issue of my voice being super deep when using the UX2. Confirmed the fix in a voice call with someone where I switched the setting back and forth. Whenever my UX2 output device is set to 48kHz, the input device sounds super deep, but when the UX2 output device is set to 44.1kHz, the input device sounds perfectly fine.