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  1. tmp2295

    Help me out here!

    I am too haha I live near Chicago. It just keeps going from my cart to my account dashboard :( lol Well I did e-mail them so I'm hoping this support team goes quicker than Steam (if you do pc gaming).
  2. tmp2295

    Help me out here!

    Thanks, I guess I'll try this out. I'm just really wanting that bundle but this store is bugged completely. Can you do me a favor and add something to your cart and see if it actually let's you take it to the checkout? If not that's cool but I want to see if it's just me or if a lot of people are having this problem.
  3. tmp2295

    Help me out here!

    I have been trying for about 4 hours now to purchase the HD Model Pack bundle from the store and each time I get sent to my account dashboard after clicking on the "Proceed to Checkout" button. I can't find anyone who knows how to purchase this and it's really irritating. I've never had anything like this happen on ANY website. I just want to buy this pack but it's the same stupid problem over and over and over again......If anyone knows how to help then please help me out here.
  4. Please tell me you found a solution to this problem......I'm having the same problem and I'm really close to screaming my lungs out. I keep getting taken back to my dashboard when I try to proceed to the checkout.
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