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  1. I had my Spider IV able to save and back up programs on a Windows 7 computer. I have to upgrade computers and download all the Line 6 online applications to the Windows 10 computer. My HD400 pedalboard is compatible and able to save programs to my computer. When I tried to attempt the same process with my Spider IV the amp and pedalboard and shortboard are all registered on the Line 6 website. But seems that its requiring a purchase receipt uploaded. I bought the amp at least 4 years ago and do not have the purchase receipt anymore. Is there another process to get the app to interface with my computer:
  2. My Spider IV-150 has developed an issue where about 10 seconds into a switched preset, the volume of the preset drops about 25%. This happens with all presets. Initially when this issue began, overdrive presets 10 seconds after selection, would switch to a line-level, clean tone... almost as if no preset were selected at all. After taking it to a tech that used to work for Line 6, he couldn't make it happen in shop (no surprise there). But he suggested doing a firmware update through Line 6 Monkey. I did that and now the presets don't switch to that weird, clean tone. The presets keep the sound but drop in volume about 25% after 10 seconds. I just tried doing another firmware update but Monkey says the amp and MK-III pedal are up to date. Is anyone experiencing this issue? And if so, how did you remedy the problem? Can anyone recommend a good tech that really can trouble shoot and work on Line 6 gear in the LA, Orange County, San Diego County areas? Thanks
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