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  1. Ok I might have figured it out. The manual .pdf had one last page that I didn't see. It looks like if I am on a preset then I can change snapshots using midi controller cc69 with 0-007. So even if they are not assigned to an "onboard button" it will still pull a snapshot up. Am I correct?? Thank you! Michael
  2. Hey there, Love my Helix! If I had one wish it would be to have another row of buttons. LoL! It would really open it up for my uses even more! In any case, I am trying to work around it. Big question: Can I use an external midi controller to turn snapshots on and off? Like if I set up Presets on top row and 4 Snapshots on the bottom row and then use a midi controller for the other 4 Snapshots??? Please say yes!! It didn't look very promising when I looked at the unit and read the manual a bit. Not sure how (or if) I can do it. Thank you for your help! Michael Hards
  3. Would like to be able to change internal dual speakers/mic without the other automatically switching to something else. Also the mic switches out to a default everytime you switch the speaker. This obviously is not the correct way for something like this to work. Thanks!
  4. Thanks nippyjun! Well I tried Internet Explorer and Firefox and had the same result with both. It doesn't seem like an issue with my browsers.
  5. Hey guys, Trying to download some custom tones from the download page for the Helix and everytime I press a download button it just puts up a grayed out page with an "X" to cancel and a couple of weird arrows. Am I just special or is this thing broken? Thanks! Michael
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