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  1. Back with my observations: XLR out on HD to XLR input on monitors is WAY TOO QUIET. Volume cranked on monitors and HD and I can barely hear anything from a clean amp model. Output mode is correctly set to studio/direct. Tested with TRS-XLR cable and volume is much much better. I am going to keep going this route if I can confirm I won't be harming my monitors by sending them an unbalanced signal into its balanced input. Can anyone comment?
  2. Ok, I am going to try straight XLR to start. Should be fine for my use.
  3. I was under the impression that the signal from the xlr output is too low to get decent volume from studio monitors
  4. Is there a difference between using guitar cables and speaker cables with the unbalanced output? If I'm going to my monitors, I assume I'm using a speaker 1/4 to xlr But of I'm going into an amp fx return, I'd want to use a guitar cable 1/4 to 1/4. do I need to make sure I have the correct settings selected.
  5. Ok, sounds good. Just making sure the HD won't be harmed by pleasing TRS into it.
  6. So it seems like 1/4 to xlr is the way to go? My only concern is damaging the HD or Rokits by using the went cables. Just nervous.
  7. So it's ok to plug a balanced TRS cable into the HDs unbalanced output? Does it matter that a TRS cable is going into each side of the unbalanced outputs. I assumed they would expect a TS cable.
  8. I have searched high and low and have not found a straightforward answer. I have an HD500x on the way and a pair of Rokit 6 G3 to pair with it. The Rokit 6's have the following inputs: Balanced XLR Balanced TRS(1/4" jack) Unbalanced RCA I believe I have read that it is preferred to use the unbalanced 1/4" output on the HD500X as the XLR output signal is low. Can I connect the 1/4" unbalanced out to the 1/4" balanced TRS on the Rokits? What cable should I be using? Or should I use a 1/4" unbalanced to RCA cable? I am so confused! Thanks for the help.
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