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  1. Cheers man, I'll try that! Hope to get my hands on the newest, the Stanmore 3 in a few days/weeks...
  2. Hi all, I'm going to buy a Marshall Stanmore 2 (or 3 if I can get my hands on one when it comes out in a few days). Its main use will (obviously...?) be as a Bluetooth speaker for my living room and/or home office. I might even connect my TV now and then. I have a Helix LT and I saw a video on YouTube: someone connecting a Stanmore 2 speaker to his Mooer pedalboard (be it through an audio interface + laptop/pc). To be clear: I know a Powercab would be WAAAAAAAY better as a speaker connected to my Helix. And I'm not really looking for an frfr speaker for my Helix: I'm fine using my headphones. But this video got me wondering, just playing with the idea here, nothing more, nothing less - if it's possible - it got me wondering whether I could connect my Helix to the Stanmore by going out from the Helix headphones output to the AUX 3.5 mm jack input of the Stanmore 2... (Output impedance from the Helix is 12 Ohms, but I haven't been able to find the load impedance of the Stanmore...). Using a 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm jack cable of course. Would it work? Or would I have to make the connection like the guy in the YouTube video? I.e.: guitar to helix, helix to audio interface, audio interface to PC, PC (headphones output) to Marshall Stanmore 2? I'll buy the Marshall Stanmore 2 anyway. Again, mainly as a speaker for my living, to play music from my phone/tablets... I was just playing with the idea of connecting my guitar to it now and then if it's possible. Anyone had the same or a similar idea and tried it? Cheers!
  3. Cheers! ...Yep, I think it should work. Apart from setting the 1/4" output to instrument, I wouldn't set the big volume knob to the maximum to start with. I'm (obviously) well aware of the limitations of this kind of speaker, but it was just an idea. Of course it probably won't sound like a Powercab and definitely not like a real guitar cab. And again, it's a stretch, but if someone has tried it with this particular Sony speaker, I'd like to hear from you. And of course it's only for playing by myself in a small room. Without the demand for sounding like I want my Helix to sound on stage (which I have my studio headphones for).
  4. Hi all, Looking for a bluetooth speaker for my PC and for playing music in the living room I came across the Sony SRS XG500 and was surprised it has a mic/guitar input jack. Ok, uhm... I probably know the answer myself: stuff like bluetooth speakers aren't made/designed specifically for guitar as they are more focused on "party" stuff, right? So, this is probably a stretch: has anyone, by any chance, tried this with a Helix? :-) (I'd merely use it for room rehearsels on my own.)
  5. Thanks for clarifying, Datacommando and Scotterp! This will be very handy!
  6. Didn't know this was possible... Cool... Still learning new stuff... So, let's say there's a clean snapshot on button A and a distortion snapshot on button B and I have to play clean first, then distorted, then clean again, then distorted again, and then clean again... So, I start off with button A (clean snapshot) engaged anyway. Instead of having to press button B, then button A again, then button B again nd finally then button A again, I can set the "reselect snapshot" value to toggle previous in global settings and then just continue pressing button B (the distorted sound) to toggle between the clean and the distorted sound? Am I right? I guess my question is basically this: with "reselect snapshot" set to "toggle previous" I understand that when you press a snapshot button (let's say footswitch 3) for the first time it will go to that snapshot and when you press it a second time, it will go to the previous snapshot. But what happens when you press it a third time (footswitch 3) ? Will it return to its own snapshot again, and then, when you press it the fourth time, go to the previous one again? That would be perfect for my needs!
  7. Hi all, Great explanation about presets, snapshots and "stomps". This really helps, even though I don't have a Helix yet: I'm planning on buying one. I also saw the video of Jason Sadites on YouTube about setting up snapshots which is also really good. Explanations like this post and videos like Jason's make me think I can already operate a Helix without even having one. The possibilities to set the preset mode (snap/stomp, stomp/snap, all snapshots...) make me think of the following situations: suppose you have set up your Helix for using presets in stomp/snap mode: the top switches are stompboxes, the bottom switches are snapshots. Let's say you have saved a number of presets like this, each of them with specific snapshots and specific "stomps" within them. Now suppose, for some reason, for another gig, you need (new) presets where every footswitch is acting as a snapshot (all 8 of them). I do know I can not use the "all snapshots preset mode" AND the stomp/snap at the same time: preset mode is set globally. It's either all snapshots mode, OR stomp/snap mode, not both at the same time. So, the question is: what if I (yes, globally) switch to all snapshots preset mode and make some new presets with 8 snapshot within them? What will happen to my existing presets that are meant for using them as stomp/snap? Will the stomp/snaps savings still be there in those first presets I made? And vice versa: when I have saved those new "all snapshots presets", will they still be there like that, when I switch back to stomp/snap mode? I hope my question is clear... Thanks in advance!
  8. ...Sounds great, so all the other stuff I asked is also right? Looking forward to trying one out.
  9. Is this true? I'm planning on buying an amplifi 150 and so far I thought the 25 banks of 4 presets were not editable, let alone saveable, except for 1 bank with 4 presets? Being able to edit ALL presets would be very nice! Still, for live situations, one bank with four presets would still do the trick for me. So, I'd like to know the following: (checking before I buy) 1) I understand that deep editing presets is done with iOS/Android devices. (No problem, obviously, as I'm owning several iOS devices) 2) Can you edit AND save ANY of the presets in ALL banks? If not: there's still one bank with four saveable presets, right? 3) In other words: once I find "my" sounds and saved them, I don't need the iOS/Android device anymore - until I want to edit and save again. Right? So, I can use the Amplifi 150 live, without having to use the iOS device, right? 4) Once I have my sounds saved I'd like to use the Amplifi 150 in small live situations. Switching between banks/presets: this can be done with the FBV Mk II, right? The answers can probably be found already here on several threads, but I just wanted to make sure I got everything covered I need... Cheers! Jo
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