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  1. Totally agree with you: if a parameter if assigned to MIDI CC the snapshot should not modify it At least I could solved the issue, and mi config is working OK.
  2. i've allready test thah option, but it didn't work. Even was a worst solution, because, when y change to Snapshot 3 the settings were lost in the same way, but when I change back to snapshot 2, le changes was lost to, soy I've lost the "tunning" Tested and it works perfectly. Thanks!!
  3. Hello: I have built a MIDI controller to have some extra buttons on my HX Stomp. I have assigned a button to change the settings of a Pitch Wham effect to simulate tunning change in the guitar, to avoid changing the real tunning on the guitar. The change works perfect, but I have a problem when I change Snapshot: I have Snapshot 1 configured as a clean tone, snapshot 2 as rhythm and snapshot as soloi. If I change the "tunning" of the Pitch Wham in the rhythm snapshot, when I change to the solo snapshot, the Pitch Wham configuration is the original one, not the one i've made with the MIDI controller. Obviously, I have the parameters of the Pitch Wham configured so that they change with the MIDI command, I hope I have explained myself well. Is there anything I can do to make the changes on the Pitch Wham parameters I modify via MIDI persistent? Thank you
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