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  1. Hi all, I have the same issue: the mix volume of the effect changes without using the assigned FX knob or expression pedal (even if this is not assigned to this function). During these unwanted changes (they clearly are an issue), in the master volume knob the white leds turn on, and the value of the mix volume (reading it in the Firehawk Remote App) oscillating +-10%. In the most cases, this strange behaviour occurs when the expression pedal is used to set volume. Sometimes, this issue also occurs randomly without using expression pedal or FX knob. Moreover, when the Firehawk is in TUNER mode, after few seconds return again in normal mode (also with rotating white leds in the master volume knob) changing the mix volume assigned to the FX knob of the effect (delay, chorus, etc.): in this case I cannot tune the guitar; it seems that a knob is (ghost)pressed, exiting TUNER mode. I have found this Youtube video describing the main behaviour of this issue looking at the Firehawk Remote App: the same thing happens to me in 2 cases (as described before): 1) I'm just playing the guitar and I'm not using any knobs or pedals (I never used external pedals); 2) I'm playing the guitar and in the meantime I try to set up the main volume using the expression pedal. I hope someone reading this post found a solution! I could post further informations, videos, etc. if needed. P.S. Sorry for my English
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