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  1. I wish you and your families a Happy Easter! Markus from
  2. Hands up guys, who thinks, that this reminds you NOT to be the real deal? Love this Helix sound!
  3. Hi guys, i happily want to share the release of 5 new USA COMBOS IR libraries based on some really nice, untouched originals. All libraries are as singles or as bundle with a 50% OFF introduction pricing available. FE-SREV72_CTS: Based on a Fender ™ Super Reverb from 1972, originally loaded with 4x10" CTS™ 10†Alnico speaker from1972. FE-VLUX65_C10NS: Based on a Fender™ Vibrolux from 1965 with 2x10“ Jensen™ C10NS speakers from 1965. FE-VLUX91_EMI: Based on a Fender™ Custom Vibrolux CSR8 from 1991 with 2x10“ Emincence™ `blue frame` Alnico speakers. MM-RP112_EV12L: Based on a MusicMan™ 112 RP One Hundred from 1979 with a 1x12“ ElectroVoice™ EV12L speaker from 1979 MB-LOSTAR_SHADOW: Based on a Mesa Boogie™ Lone Star Special from 2006, loaded witha 1x12“ MC-90 Black Shadow speaker. I wish all of you a happy new year! Markus
  4. In the spirit of marketing flooding at good prices ... will not lag behind: 33%.33% OFF this Black Weekend :D And as a repeated tip, to make life no harder than it is (it`s quite the opposite these days with the Helix, seriously ...) to find the sound (I can not say it often enough): Find your sound quickly, easily and purposefully: 1) Choose the amp and leave it on "default" 2) Choose a cab IR that will take you to "the ballpark" 3) Finally, use the Amp EQ to tune your guitar to the amp... ... and NOT to compensate for a given IR! The cab IR is the complement of your signal path! With the cab IR your sound stands and falls. Starting with the subjective right one makes it easier for you to find awesome sound without an everlasting tweaking! Trust in "keep it simple" ! :)
  5. Holy Moly ... Impressive playing from Norway! Stian Lerstad Johansen combines some Amps from the Line6 Helix LT with cab IR`s from the CORE 4 TONE Bundle: "The four presets that I´ve been most satisfied with. Made them myself with IR´s from CabIR. Mostly used Tweed cab and a Marshall cab. Really recommend these IR´s btw. Sounds terrific! Dr. Z: MR AX1960 Focus Cab 121 and Thiele Focus Cab 121 Vox: MR AX1960 C 57 and VX CA30TB Focus A 57 Fender Bassman: MR AX1960 Focus B 121 and FE Tweed Focus Cab 57 Fender Dlx: same as Bassman"
  6. Great Vox tone with the HELIX Vox Ac30 Fawn and the VX-CA30TB_BLUE IR library, based on the same amp ... But also great: Combination of the same IR library with the Helix Bassman Nrm! Listen to this: wow ... great tones with the Helix!
  7. Unexpected Sound with Helix and the new MR-AX1960_G12M25 library (more a "vintage" style cabinet, huh?! from user "Drop the Sun": Love the crystal cleans and was surpised, how "modern" "DropTheSun" let sound the Greenback loaded cabinet with his Helix ... cool :)
  8. Great discussion and opinions of the new "focus IR series" you`ll find here... And some clips with the Helix ...
  9. Guys, i bundled 4 new cabinets of the new "focus IR series" and for an introduction i discounted this CORE4TONE starter pack that much (introduction price till 7th july), that nobody should miss it! Check it out! I`m sure, you will love it! I am really sure, you will love the new folder structure as the sound you will get out of these IRs! Clarity, easy to use, extremely balanced IRs ( key is FOCUS folder! ). You don`t have to tweak the amp sims with these to get greatest results! All the best (see above, if you ask yourself, what i mean ... :lol: ) Markus
  10. Well, ... yes and no. Yes, because i felt, the pack was back the time not to my 100% satisfying. No, because i could do the whole shooting, processing, prodcuing new from ground up. Sometimes it just takes longer. Complete new re-shooting, processing and Cab-Pack building. But now it`s there: The VX-CA30TB_BLUE IR library, based on a VOX â„¢ AC30 / 6 TB from 1995 with 2x12 "VOX â„¢ Alnico Blue 8Ohm speakers. The new "focus IR series" has a goal - clarity at all levels. On the technical side, I could keep the signal path even cleaner, the processing further refine. The Cab Pack itself focuses on the best features of the "pro IR series", the good and proven has been expanded. The result is a cab pack structure, which is easier, faster and more targeted to search, without compromising, as far as possible your own mix ambitions - on the contrary! "idealized-NULL-Amp voicing": Mathematical exclusion of any power amp influences "objective sweet spot method": Microphone positions determined for subjective microphone positions or individual preferences. Clarity! The _QUICKSTART folder with only a few IRs guide you through the characters of the individual microphones or speakers, and the mix paradigms of the FOCUS and MIX-CLASSIC folders. The FOCUS folder: The proven mix paradigm of the "MULTI" IRs of the "pro IR series" was further developed in the new FOCUS IRs. Keywords: Super Balanced IRs. Even more clarity! The MIX-CLASSICS folder: Classic mixes of microphone pairs, such as Shureâ„¢ SM57 with Royer Labsâ„¢ R-121 or "front" - with "rear" positions. SINGLE-MICS folder: As usual as MPT (time-aligned, minimal phase) and RAW (realphase incl. Authentic pre-delay time), at least 3 positions per microphone and speaker. Also nice that I could use a Royer R-121 ribbon microphone. After working with this, I slowly understand why it has become the studio standard for the amp acceptance with ribbon microphone mummified. Beautiful part. Not straight linear, but very Amp-likely, has its own character. The highlight, however, was a very special piece: A Neumann U67 tube-large diaphragm condenser microphone, predecessor of the U87. Freshly maintained by Neumann-Pope Andreas Grosser. Correctly, it was even a U269: Extra shielded for the broadcasting stations and the directional characteristics can be adjusted continuously. Working with this baby was a great experience. Character with no end, and insanely good-natured in positioning. It can hardly be wrong. In addition, one should not underestimate the very small things: The tiny Neumann KM 184. The small membrane capacitor makes a great sound! I had not thought so. This was also used for the 2 "rear" microphone positions. For further information, tips, and comments, such as, where and why ... you can get from the USER-GUIDE, or directly on the home page of the VX-CA30TB_BLUE IR library. Have fun ... Markus PS.: By the way and not uninteresting to read a comparison on TGP ... even if this was with a IR Mix from that cabinet of the first shooting, nearly a year ago ... never released, because never felt, i was there, where the pack should be. Now it is :)
  11. Any winners here? If so, please check your private fb messages!
  12. Great! Thanks for the info, Alpag! By the way: Using this two IRs is similiar like just mixing the CAB_MULTI_M01 with the ROOM_R1 to prefered mix ratio, cause the AMBIENT_CAB_L contain the CAB_MULTI and ROOM_R1 to some degree. Only the REAR Mic would be lost, which also is mixed in the Ambient variants... just FYI :)
  13. +1. And to make this clear, i will repeat it: IMO, For most accurcacy using a full modeled Tube Amp Sim like the Helix provides, the IR should not contain any actual (linear) power amp "response". It`s the job of the power amp modeling (& maybe some nonlinear modeling of cabinet behaviours) to fullfill these linear and non-linear events. Sometimes, most "accuracy" must not sound subjective best. So, the "T" version is just an option. If you like more "scoop", or you did not have any power amp modeling (using just a preamp section of whatever), It MAY be a subjective better opurtinity. In the first line, I would always recommend the "I" version with a good modeler. At the end of the day, the only thing, what`s important is: Use, what sounds best to you! Cheers :) Markus
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