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  1. Any luck? When I used the desktop software to update the pedal via USB it took with no problem. Try using the firmware updater by line 6.
  2. I haven't had any issues with connectivity. Try resetting your networks or ensure you have the most current update. I use the Bluetooth on my iPhone and iPad at close and far distances.
  3. Sorry to hear about the issues. Ive had the pedal for almost a year and have had no issues so far. I'm really happy with the iOS use with the pedal and it was my main push for getting the Firehawk-really happy this the pedal. I agree, if I had the extra money the Helix would be the goal, but this pedal service the purpose for what I need.
  4. Line 6 Staff, any update to this? It would be great to have like features across different platforms.
  5. Ah, this must be an Android update. My iPhone is still on 1.3.1.
  6. I'm reading a lot on the FireHawk before mine arrives and I'm getting really nervous with all the negative feedback I'm reading. I've watched and heard tons of demos and the pedal seems to be quite solid, but in real-time use, please are stating otherwise.
  7. Hi everyone! Im new to the forum and patiently waiting for my FireHawk to arrive. One issue that lots of people have is with not being able to update or dial in manually the tap tempo on iOS devices; however, this issue doesn't exist with other table devices that are not apple. Has this been fixed? If not, has Line6 addressed this issue? Any info you could provide would greatly help. -Eric
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