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  1. jackthebunnet

    Jm4 As An Effects Loop

    hi pal ,could you tell me the best way to connect my jm4 looper to a dt25 112 combo thanks
  2. jackthebunnet

    FIREHAWK 1500

    73 lbs pal
  3. jackthebunnet

    how old is my dt25 112

    thank you .
  4. jackthebunnet

    how old is my dt25 112

    hi guys first post here hope I've got it right ? i have a dt25 112 with the extension cabinet ,best little amp I've ever had ,how do i tell when it was made ,the small sticker inside the amp is missing ?any ideas guys .
  5. jackthebunnet

    FIREHAWK 1500

    cheer's pal , i just bought one , looking forward now to using it ,the weight is a concern ,as I'm 63 lol,,,