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  1. I gotcha, I think I just didn't quit understand what you were telling me. On my Path 2 A I have mod, delay, verb, delay, verb. The last delay and verb are for Path 1 is my normal FX-chain. In Path 2 B I have mod, delay, verb, delay. Last delay here is also for Path 1 normal FX-chain. So if I understand correctly I would need to move anything related to the swell part of the preset down to Path 2 B and everything else (for my normal FX-chain) can be in Path 1 A/B and Path 2 A? That way when I one click it goes to Path 2 B and only the swell effect blocks are heard and then clicking it off it will go back to the normal fx-chain? Am I in the ballpark? LOL
  2. I've got one footswitch maxed out with 8 blocks for the Swell part of my preset. Also maxed out my DSP on each Path so I don't think splitting like you mentioned will work for this preset but the information will come in handy for future presets. I agree with the vol. pedal being after the amp, for some reason I had moved it and forgot to move it back. Thanks for mentioning that!!
  3. Haha.....Yes scene mode would fix my issue for sure.
  4. I'm working on a preset and here is a pic of it. I have a couple of questions regarding how I should do my switching. This preset does two things, 1) Is fairly clean and then gets dirtier based on the distortions I kick in. 2) I have it setup to do swells (based on the preset from Scott @ The Helix Channel). Path 1 A/B is set to be clean when the distortion pedals are off, then some dirt with the Minotar and then more dirt with the Scream 808. I have the each distortion pedal assigned to it's own footswitch on the bottom row (left to right based on gain). Then on path 2 A/B I have two delays (one dotted 8th and one 1/4) and have a plate reverb. This path will be what I use for leads and everything in between. Path 2 A/B is set up for swells only, which use (from left to right on path 2 A) delay, reverb, modulation. Path 2 B - delay, reverb, modulation. Path 1 B - delay I have all 7 of those and the amps channel volume (little bit of volume increase) assigned to one footswitch. The other 2 delays and last reverb are not used for the swells. I said all that to say this, my main issue is when I'm not using the swell part of the preset, I have to many other footswitches to click on (depending on the my needs at the time during a song) but how do I keep the toe tapping to a minimum? There will be times I need the dotted 8th by itself or the 1/4 delay by itself or both together at times. I usually wan't the last reverb on at this time also. That's 5 footswitches that I have to be turning on and off. If I go back to the swell I have to turn those all off first. Any ideas? I really don't want two separate presets, would like it all in this one.
  5. aftrshok

    Found a Helix case

    I ordered this one and got it yesterday....sucker is huge, like carrying a full size suit case. Not really sure if I'm gonna like it, going to look for something else I think.
  6. I decided to get this for my Helix. I might have to add a little foam but it should do the trick. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/1SKB-SC2316
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