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  1. That reassures me, I am very happy with my JTV 89F guitar, to be honest I prefect it to my les Paul, or my other guitars Thank you Ben
  2. i have niticed that my first string is weaker when using varix, however when using pickups the full sic strings are perfect is it just mine? Regards B
  3. Happy with my Helix :)

  4. Hello JUst got my Helix and upgraded to V1.06.5, all went perfect, i have a custom preset tat i want to istall without loosing the factory preset, could someone let me know if this possible? KR Ben
  5. Thank you very much. If I understand correctly, I better use the variax connection only, connect guitar directly to the helix via vdi to have full control of both guitar and helix. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Kind. Regards Ben
  6. Thank you for the precision answer, i will abuse by asking one extra question, is it necessary to also purchase the Controller? i am also planning to purchase a JVT-89F and the Wireless transmitter receiver to replace my Sony one how would i connect my JVT-89F guitar if using a standard Jack? i assumed i need to connect the Variax guitar to Varian input on the Helix? Kind regards Ben
  7. Hello I have just purchased a Helix and i was looking at a Good AMP, i looked at the FireHawk1500 but it looks like it has all effect from the Helix. will that be a waste of money? or would you have a better arrangement ( AMp etc) to recommend? Any Advise will be highly appreciated Ben
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