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  1. I have the SAMSUNG WIS12ABGNX working as well as an Apple USB to Ethernet converter
  2. Confirmed. I was able to connect to the m20d on iPadOS14.5.1 Remark: I haven't really tested interaction between app and mixer apart from moving some buttons.
  3. If someone @Line6 happens to read this new post.... at all. It is really frustrating being left in the void... I‘d appreciate any updated comment on this issue. If Line6 is not willing to invest more into this part of the market, just tell us.
  4. Sorry, been offline for a while. Thanks for your suggestions! Finally, it is working. Attempt No.1 Removing all Line6 Software from the computer All Software but Line6WinUSB Driver unsinstalled cleanly. Ignored the later, re-installed Helix Driver 1.91 Set Helix in Windows as exclusive playback and recording device, disabling all others explicitly --> still not working :( Attempt No.2 Removing all Line6 Software from the computer and manually clean Windows Registry Uninstalled Helix Driver from Attempt No.1. Deleted ALL Line6 entries from Windows Registry manually. Reboot and re-install 1.91. Reboot Set Helix in Windows as exclusive playback and recording device, disabling all others explicitly Start Reaper->Options->Preferences and Helix ASIO was shown as Default, with Ins and Outs 1...8 enabled automatically --> everything working fine. :-) I will gradually add other Line 6 Software now. Let's hope. Will re-post on this thread if new issues come up. Cheers Oli
  5. Before I start.... there is also an ASIO driver for my md20 on the computer. Last time I tried recording with the mixer, nothing would record at all. Do you think it’s possible the drivers kind of block each other? cheers Oli
  6. Just tried again with a completely empty preset on the Helix for side by side comparison; still the same. In the meantime, I tend to do a factory reset on the Helix and uninstall/ install all Line6 Software on the PC.... this is just strange
  7. Checking by creating a new track, arming the track and then playing a bit on the guitar. When choosing inputs 1&2 I can see the signal on the meter as well as a waveform when recording. opposed to nothing on inputs 7&8 (having both of them configured on the Helix to carry the guitar Input)
  8. Thanks for the answers :) I have configured Reaper (hopefully) accordingly, still, no signal on Inputs 7&8 Please see attached Image. I have checked Windows Device Manager, but I can't find any channel options to be set there Cheers Oli
  9. Hi, I am looking for instructions on how to be able to use all eight USB "channels" of the Helix on a Win10 PC with a DAW Software lile Audacity or Reaper. Both my PC and my Helix have the latest drivers/ firmware, yet it seems, Audacity and Reaper can only access USB1 and 2. I have not succeeded in recording any dry signals from USB7/8. I have tried with both Mic and Guitar Inputs. Anybody who can share, how to configure the driver / DAW Software correctly? Cheers Oli
  10. Just saw the behaviour you have described with recording as well. Guess it's a bug in the firmware.
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