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  1. This unit looks like more a competitor for the next generation of the HD500X (some kind of Helix Lite maybe call HX600) than a competitor for the Helix. I believe that 2017 will be the last year of the Pod HD generation and a Pod HX generation will born in 2018, this way if Line 6 can sell a Helix Lite around $700 or $800, the only unit that they keep around $400 or $500 will be the Firehawk FX that maybe in future firmware updates will have more HD sounds from the "old" HD500X.
  2. Thanks for the tip "spikey" one question about it, taking account your experience Which option of this two that i write below works better or sound better and have less HISS? Option 1: send out of Helix to guitar input of Firehawk 1500 for the dry sound + 1/4 output L&R of Hélix to monitor input L&R of Firehawk 1500 for the wet sound Option 2: send out of Hélix to return in of Firehawk 1500 for the dry sound + 1/4 output L&R of Hélix to monitor input L&R of Firehawk 1500 for the wet sound Thanks in advance for your help and if you have more tips or advise will be very welcome
  3. Thanks for your answer PierM, Yes you are right, the Firehawk 1500 has not L6 Link i forgot about it. I remember now a post talking about why Line 6 choose build the Firehawk 1500 without the L6 Links and someone of the Line 6 stuff told that was stupid expensive to add the L6 Link for nothing. I read and saw the video of the HISS problem before i order my Firehawk 1500 that arrives tomorrow and i will use it alone and with the Helix W/D/W so i hope that the HISS problem will be solve asap to be able to play with all his power. In the ideascale i asked for a smaller Firehawk 750 or Firehawk 500 to use in bedroom or in smaller places with the Helix, of course without issues between the units, if someone think is a good idea please vote for it. I know that people asked for just a Firehawk cab (FRFR with the 6 speakers and W/DW) with no FX unit, but taking account that the only different will be $100, i believe that is nice to have the Firehawk FX unit included in the Firehawk cab as backup or just in case you just need or wish an all in one unit. This is my point of view but of course sure not everybody will see it like i do. Thanks for reading
  4. Sure a lot of people knows about this, but just in case, In the next Helix 2.20 Firmware finally the Variax JTV and Workbench HD will speak with Helix (as usually i was able to do with my old Variax and Workbench with the X3 Live) So now we need that the Helix and the Firehawk 1500 speak each other more easily than they do now, because actually it seems that there are some issues, maybe this could be possible using the L6 Link of each unit. Someone with enough knowledge can tell us if is possible in a future a communication of both units using the L6 Link or is impossible? And finally if in the next Firehawk 1500 / Firehawk FX Firmware the Variax JTV and Workbench HD are able to speak with the Firehawk 1500 / Firehawk FX, will be great too. I hope that the guys in Line 6 will lisen to us asap, thanks in advance for it.
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