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  1. You have to adjust the tone's volume & save to "my tones." Arrange tones into banks and then go back and forth to set volumes where you want to have them... functions pretty much the same as any system with multiple banks of editable sounds, just done in an app.
  2. Depends upon what you mean by "compatible." You may use it as you would any effect pedal in-line between your guitar and the amp, but it will be a mono signal into the Amplifi. Anything you do from the Amplifi app will then affect your input signal as designed. Not sure what the benefit would be to run it that way, but trial & error will provide that answer for you. If you're looking for sound changes via pedal, I would consider purchase of a compatible pedal and just set up your chosen tones into the banks from within the app. Prior to doing so, I would backup each "stock" tone to "my tones" so you can overwrite any of those factory tones with your custom mods in any order you want; the backups give you access to those factory tones for recall any time you may want without having to flash the firmware in order to restore factory presets. Unfortunately, you have to do it one at a time by first choosing each tone, then saving to "my tones" one by one. It's time consuming, but hopefully you'll get away with doing only one time.
  3. When I tried using the Aux In for Pod Pro XT processing, the volume was very low as compared to plugging the guitar directly into the normal input. I believe only the 4 drivers are being used for that signal path, not the celestion, so running your guitar signal through a processor and that input won't give you the full range sound the amp is designed to provide. So power is being separated to drive the various speakers and I'm certain 50% plus is driving the celestion. I've used my 150 at a 5 piece hard rock band rehearsal and the volume level is good. I have extra volume to spare when using the amplifi with the standard guitar input and iOS; even use my old FBV "Longboard" to control it! Some features of the old FBV don't function as they did with the Pod Pro XT... but changing banks/tones, adding/removing effects and volume work just fine. I have yet to experiment with the "wah" pedal assignment to particular effects control, such as delay length or effect mix level, but plan to when I have extra time. For the cost of this amp and the iOS updates to date, I'm pretty happy to have a solid combo to use for rehearsal & writing sessions. :)
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