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  1. lol, I own a Helix and think it's fantastic..little glowing glass bottles still rule.
  2. zuel69

    New Helix owner

    That would be the most ridiculous reason EVER to bust my enthusiasm. Nothing sounds that great through headphones in this or most any other realm.
  3. zuel69

    Freezing issue

    Thanks for getting back, but I wasn't hooked up to the computer.
  4. zuel69

    New Helix owner

    Thanks man, yep it's outrageous!
  5. zuel69

    Freezing issue

    I have the latest firmware, no issues with installing it. While creating my own effects routing to run the 4cm with my pt100, I noticed some random freezing issues that required a reboot. I set the layout up like on pg 18 in the manual doing the Super Serial layout...the first one. The unit was freezing intermittently messing around with the pedal layout, especially when I would click on the Merge Mixer right before the 2nd output. IDK, it was random and definitely when I'd click on the Merge Mixer. My temporary solution is to not click on the Merge Mixer..lol. Anybody else have something like this happen?
  6. zuel69

    Lots of bugs...

    Yes I did update first thing before any issues, and alright I will open a new thread then.
  7. zuel69

    Lots of bugs...

    I just posted about how much I love this Helix since receiving last Thursday, however it has froze up on me a few times needing a reboot. It seems it was happening messing around with the pedal layout especially when I would click on the Merge Mixer. I set the layout up like on pg 18 in the manual doing the Super Serial layout.
  8. zuel69

    Lots of bugs...

    And I've had preamp tubes go bad at gigs, fuses blow..fixed on the fly with tin foil from a Marlboro pack, Johnson amp freeze and die due to spilled beer, Marshall TSL start switching channels on it's own thanks to cheap pcb and bad solder joints...your lucky
  9. zuel69

    New Helix owner

    I apologize if this is the wrong area to introduce myself, but I feel the need to do so right here. Name is Mike and I purchased a Helix from Sweetwater last Thusday 3/17. I'm freaking blown away. 4cm into my Suhr PT100 stack, Helix preamp into a VHT 2150 then some celestion loaded 2x12's, the front of a metro Marshall 1987 head...whatever I've tried so far. This thing is incredible. WOW...WOW...WOW. Still in shock. Thanks, Mike W.
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