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  1. Hmm....how do i send a program change number from the pod? Sorry for all the back and forth, im new to midi and internals of the hd500x other than setting up patches. Sorta wish id bought the 50w version lately lol...that one has built in midi functions.
  2. Sounds right to me, seems my issue is correctly programming the midi switch to correspond with the signal being sent to it, i just cant seem to synchronize them together....
  3. Do you know of a way to switch my amps channels using just the 4cm, along eith desired effects with it? Or is that strictly a midi feature?
  4. I was using the 4cm but i also do lead vocals in my band so tapdancing my channel selector, and turning effects on and off is a bit hard to do, rather than effects switching when my amp channels switch.
  5. Hello everyone! I was looking to see if anyone can help me out hooking up my setup, I'm very new to midi. I have a Evh 5150iiii 100w-which doesn't have midi built in, and a 7pin din jack. A Nux Pms2 midi switcher, a bestronics 7pin din to (2)1/4" trs jacks and a line 6 hd500x. I can only get the hd500x to switch channels on the amp, but i am not getting any effects etc. Just straight amp sounds. Also when i switch the hd500x from left to right (clean to distortion) i cannot switch smoothly. Any advice would be extremely appreciated!!!
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