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  1. I believe the most lacking effect within the Helix is it's Reverbs so, although not a pedal, I use my 11Rack in the effects loop for this purpose. It saves some on Helix's DSP and has rich, pristine Pro Tools reverbs which maybe only a Strymon could touch.
  2. I have found that most tube amps, real and simulated, have harsh sounding resonances at 4.1 khz and 8.2 khz. By using a separate a separate Cab block it is possible to insert a Parametric Eq block between Cab and Amp: Amp Block >> EQ (4.1khz/-3db/Q4 & 8.2khz/-3db/Q4 & High Cut 10khz) >> Cab Block Of course these settings are a rough ballpark but do much to alleviate that harsh fizz. By isolating the problem children more of the finer harmonics are allowed to pass through. Smaller additional tonal adjustments can be made at the amp (reducing Presence/Treble) and Cab block (High Cut 7-10Khz) without destroying that sweetness. Additionally, I have found ribbon and condenser mics at moderate distances sound less harsh than dynamic mics. Also, a little Early Reflection (10-20%) can smooth out the High end too. This method incorporates a series of smaller adjustments along the signal chain rather than using drastic high cut filtering.
  3. I finally got around to recording a comparison between Helix's and 11Rack's Hall reverb effect. Telecaster neck pickup into Helix's Archetype clean amp using 2 - 4x12 cali V30 cabs. No EQ nor effects. Reverb Decay 3 sec., predelay 13 ms, mix 30%. H vs 11R reverb 1.mp3 H vs 11R reverbs 2.mp3 H vs 11R reverbs 3.mp3
  4. There are also options within 11rack reverbs for early reflection only algorithms and these, IMHO, impart an extra dimension of liveliness to the sound, sort of a smoothing enhancement to the Cab emulation. I think many Helix users that also record enjoy the inspiration of a finished, polished tone without having to suffer the latency of VSTs or obsess with post DAW processing. Sure I could tweak my Waves H-Reverb plugin except that first inspired take is already over. I get that reverb is in the ears of the beholder and certainly can wash out a live performance. Maybe through using Helix's delays and parallel paths one can stumble upon a great sounding reverb effect. Regardless, I started this topic to incentivize line 6 on their next update where we can all benefit from an improved reverb algorithm befitting one of the best effects pedals yet produced! https://www.bandmix.com/danadstudio/
  5. The lackluster reverbs within Helix have been discussed elsewhere in this forum and I agree that they are Helix's #1 weakness. I believe they lack clarity, depth and space and can really compromise Helix's detailed amp models. Instead, I use one of Helix's Sends to my 11Rack (previously collecting dust) which has as its best feature great pro-tools reverbs (essentially Reverb One). What a difference; Helix's amp simulations' clarity and dynamics coming through! I'm sure any quality reverb pedal or rack device would do like a Strymon or an Eventide. Forget using Helix's return, why subject the signal to another round of A/D and D/A? Since I'm unwilling to go back to Helix's reverbs, I will be setting up MIDI patch change messages between the units.
  6. I used Helix for a few months as a USB audio interface in lieu of my firewire MOTU interface (Win 8.1 64bit- Sonar X3). I found the audio quality excellent and low latency (7ms) but there were occasional glitches like fading guitar sound. It appeared as if the setup was occasionally robbing CPU/memory resources from the Helix so I switched back to the MOTU. The plan to stream my backing tracks for live performance was scuttled.
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